Baby born to mother brain-dead for months


(BBC) A baby was born in Portugal to a woman who had been brain-dead for almost four months, hospital officials say.

The boy was delivered in a Lisbon hospital by Caesarean section after 32 weeks, and weighed 2.35kg (5lb, 3oz).

His mother was declared brain-dead on 20 February after a brain haemorrhage.

The decision to continue with the pregnancy was taken after tests revealed the foetus to be healthy, and after the father agreed it should be allowed to continue.

The boy was healthy at birth, doctors say (BBC file photo)
The boy was healthy at birth, doctors say (BBC file photo)

Doctors said the baby was in good health when he was born on Tuesday. They did not specify whether the boy’s mother remained on life support.

It is the longest a child has survived in the womb in Portugal after his mother was declared brain-dead.

In January, a baby boy was born in Wroclaw, Poland, after surviving for 55 days in the womb of his mother, who was declared brain-dead after a tumour.

He weighed only 1kg (2.2lbs) at birth, and was allowed home in April.


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