Stabroek Market Wharf cleanup is 85% complete


Efforts to clear the rubble and debris from the collapsed Stabroek Market Wharf are swiftly underway, with approximately 85 per cent of the clearing works already completed.

This significant progress marks a crucial step towards restoring normalcy following the unfortunate incident.

According to Deputy City Engineer (ag), Rasheed Kellman, during an interview on Friday, the clearing operations are proceeding at an accelerated pace.

Kellman outlined the current phase of the operation, which involves the demolition of condemned buildings that line the wharf, a process that is already in progress.

“We should finish removing the debris from the structure (deck) by Sunday and on Monday, we will start removing the decking. And by next weekend the whole decking should be completed meaning that we remove all the debris and everything will be clear,” Kellman revealed.

The cleaning exercise is being executed through the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Ministry of Public Works, and Mayor and City Council with support from the Guyana Police Force and Guyana Fire Service.

Consisting of an 85-member team since the use of heavy machinery cannot be supported on the dilapidated structure.

To facilitate the movement of rubble without impeding market operations, a barge was procured by the Ministry of Public Works and stationed at the rear of the wharf.

Once the debris is entirely cleared, a comprehensive assessment of the extent of the damages will be conducted, providing valuable insights for the next steps in the restoration process.

The government remains committed to collaborating with the Mayor and City Council to devise strategies for the resumption of normal operations at the Stabroek Market Wharf. [DPI]