Sport Shooting Federation receives steel targets

Ryan McKinnon, Michael Blake, Vidushi Persaud and Kevin Jaikaran of Ken’s Mufflers and Pravesh Hary from Pharmacy.
Ryan McKinnon, Michael Blake, Vidushi Persaud and Kevin Jaikaran of Ken’s Mufflers and Pravesh Hary from Pharmacy.

[] – The Guyana Sport Shooting Federation (GSSF) – an affiliate of the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) – is set to run off its inaugural Steel Challenge Match in Guyana.

Steel Challenge is completely new to competitive shooters in Guyana and in the circumstances the GSSF is endeavoring to pioneer, grow and promote this sport to its members and affiliates nationwide.

Roul Bhudu, GSSF Committee Member, explained that “It is the ideal event for people from all backgrounds; professionals, beginners, the young as well as shooters that have limited mobility who would otherwise be unable to compete. Steel Challenge provides a very level playing field where pistol shooters can compete.”

On September 16, the GSSF secured the a donation of international grade steel targets and stands needed to host the “GSSF Inaugural Steel Challenge Tier 1 Match” which will be held on Saturday September 20, 2014 at the GDF Timehri Ranges.

GSSF secured the steel through the kind donation from Pharmacy which is located on Carmichael Street opposite the Woodlands Hospital.

At the handing over ceremony on Wednesday, Ryan McKinnon, the GSSF Assistant Secretary/Treasurer was on hand to accept the completed steel targets and in his comments he expressed how strict safety rules and adherence to world standards provide for a safe and enjoyable time for people of all walks of life.

He commented that “We at the GSSF will continue to strictly follow guidelines set out by our affiliate bodies and provide the relevant safety training to all our members so that our matches will be at the highest international standard. Our match officials have international certification and experience in administering such competitions.”

Pravesh Harry, Managing Director of commented, “I’m pleased to support the GSSF and the role they play in promoting shooting both locally and internationally. I will continue to help them whenever I can in their ventures.”

Kevin Jaikaran of Ken’s Mufflers located at Montrose ECD facilitated the fabrication of the targets and various target stands. He wished the GSSF best of luck.

Vidushi Persaud, President of the GSSF remarked that “Steel Challenge matches are fun for both competitors and spectators. This shooting sport and its rules are easy to understand, fast shooting, reactive targets sounding the hits and the time is the score.

“By maintaining consistent challenges from year to year, the competition lends itself to the notion of setting – and breaking – speed records, which greatly adds to the excitement for all.”


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