Speaker Trotman bemoans ‘leadership crisis’ as he endorses Blue CAPS

Speaker Raphael Trotman (L) and Blue CAPS Founder Clinton Urling (R)

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Blue CAPS Members
Blue CAPS Members

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman today (June, 17), endorsed the Non-Governmental, Social Change Organization Blue CAPS during a visit to the Parliament Building.

During the meeting, Trotman expressed the belief that there is a leadership crisis in Guyana, which he recognized must be addressed forthwith. He spoke too of a vision to build a school that will be dedicated to leadership studies in Guyana which will be responsible for training young minds to become leaders.

Trotman also encouraged them to stay focused and grounded as they journey to develop Guyana. Commendations were in order from the Speaker for the bold stance the Group has taken on several issues, particularly the involvement of youth in local governance and the pressure the group has been applying on the relevant authorities to hold Local Government Elections as soon as possible.

The youth leaders were urged to be distinct and not be defined by anyone’s standards. The Speaker believes that more power should be given to those at the grass root level to take up the mantle and lead their communities. He emphasized that the ‘up/down’ power structure is hampering this type of development.

Blue CAPS members’ engaged in both formal and informal discussions with the Speaker surrounding the history of Guyana’s Parliament.

Speaker Raphael Trotman (L) and Blue CAPS Founder Clinton Urling (R)
Speaker Raphael Trotman (L) and Blue CAPS Founder Clinton Urling (R)

Meanwhile, Founder of Blue CAPS, Clinton Urling used the occasion to discredit the intimidating accusations that have been leveled against the young Organization. He pointed out however that the Body is prepared to address all concerns.

In outlining the mission of the NGO, Urling said training and molding young leaders, sharpening their skills, getting them involved in volunteerism and greater participation to assist in articulating and formulating public policies are its focus.

The NGO is working with youth leaders from several organizations across the country in its efforts to create a better Guyana and give young people the tools they need to be leaders of tomorrow.



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