Spate of fires a threat to law and order – PSC calls for urgent action

Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn at the scene of the fire at Eve Leary

Statement from the Private Sector Commission:

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has taken note of, and is deeply concerned with, the recent spate of fires across the capital city. These fires represent an obvious threat to the maintenance of law and good order.

Most concerning is the fact that these fires are being directed against institutions which form part of the architecture of civility and law and order; firstly, at the Police Headquarters at Brickdam and now, most recently, in the Eve Leary Police Compound.

The Commission has noted that well-known political spokespersons, taking comfort by the fact that they live in the USA, have sought to encourage and publicly promote terrorist activity in Guyana.

These calls, notably, have included the deliberate setting of fires to create instability in an attempt to make the country ungovernable. These public calls must be condemned by every rightminded citizen.

In these circumstances, we urge our government to act swiftly and condignly to utilize all the facilities at its disposal, to protect against this threat to the country’s safety and well-being. The prosperous future of Guyana, which is anticipated by all of us, requires a stable national environment, free from those who are intent on inciting fear and terror to destabilize our country and bring down the government by criminal means.