Spat continues between GECOM, PPP

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and Party Member, Zulficar Mustapha. [iNews' Photo]

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and Party Member, Zulficar Mustapha. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and Party Member, Zulficar Mustapha. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The fight continues between the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) over the functions of the Elections Body.

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee says the Party will not adhere to GECOM’s call for the PPP to withdraw certain statements made about Body.

According to Rohee, the Commission continues to disregard the PPP’s concerns on critical issues “that could have negative effects on the integrity of the electoral process.”

He told a news conference on Monday, November 24, that “the PPP will not withdraw any statement on issues that support democracy and a transparent electoral process. GECOM must be reminded that the largest portion of Guyanese who voted in 2011 would have done so for the PPP and it is the Party’s responsibility to those and all Guyanese to ensure that all obstacles are removed to facilitate free and fair elections.”

The General Secretary noted that the PPP will continue to advocate in favour of the legitimate concerns of all Guyanese.

“If this is seen as attacking the Chairman and Commission then it is our view that transparency does not appear to be a priority for GECOM.”

Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.
Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.

He said that GECOM must provide answers for the large number of spoilt and rejected ballots in 2011.

“From all indications, it seems GECOM has the answers and it is in the interest of our country that GECOM correct the deficiencies that existed in 2011 which resulted in an East Bank Demerara polling station in a traditional PPP stronghold area recording over twenty (20) rejected ballots. In our humble assessment, spoilt and rejected ballots can only emanate from lack of voters’ education or poor training of polling day staff, GECOM should take its pick,” Rohee said.

He explained that as a major political stakeholder and the oldest political party in Guyana, the PPP was never officially informed by GECOM of its intentions to recruit and train polling day staff.

“The Party was only made aware of this through the media. The PPP calls on GECOM to publish names and addresses of all those persons who have been recruited and trained thus far, especially for the positions of Returning Officers, Deputy Returning Officers, Elections Clerk, Clerical Assistants among others. This will serve the best interest of GECOM and at the same time allow for public vetting and confidence building in the entire process.”





  1. The PNC despot Burnham and his ‘boys’ had a monopoly on rigging and robbing us of democracy. The tyrant is gone but his disciples seem to remain and is very planted and active.
    In a highly educated population of a country like ours, every effort must be made to educate the voting public. Any backward dancing is a sign of incompetence or incompetence made by design. Please enable me not to spoil my vote.
    We must do better.
    Transparency starts with Mr Surujbally.

  2. Now that Guyana has moved from being an underdeveloped country, to a developing country I hereby recommend that the Guyana election commission install camera in each and every polling station to capture every activities of the day. The moving/transporting of every ballot box should be videoed!!! Past experiences should not be ignored nor taken lightly. Advocates for the PNC/AFC have been saying over and over again to remove the PPP from office by any means whatsoever. We the patriotic Guyanese must be very vigilant. This election, we will definitely need more international observers. Guyana can very well afford a developed country type/style of election. lately we have started to wear bodycam. We should wear them on election day also. Let Guyana continue to prosper.

  3. Let the elections begin and the chips fall where they may. 15th day of dictatorship one party rule by the PPP/C government of Guyana. They never thought dictatorship rule would be attached to their party’s name. Deal with it PPP/C.


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