Sooba expresses confidence in Chief Constable despite personal bodyguard

Town Clerk [ag], Carol Sooba.


Sooba (Right) Hinds (left)
Sooba (Right) Hinds (left)

[] –  Despite publicly expressing her confidence in the Chief Constable Andrew Foo and his officers at the City Constabulary on Friday (June 6) at a press conference, Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba still holds dear to her, the personal body guard she hired just over three weeks ago.

On Saturday, iNews asked the Town Clerk if she has any evidence or inclination that the Chief Constable is being undermined by his officers when she responded in the negative. “No, I don’t not believe that Foo is being undermined.”

Asked then to explain former Police Officer Sean Hinds as her personal security, Sooba said that she has a choice to choose if she uses security provided by the Council or employ private services.

Hinds has been accused of associating with several criminal enterprises, including the infamous ‘Phantom Squad’.

The acting Town Clerk praised Foo for his maturity and professionalism in the execution of his duties.  She said that sometimes it can be very difficult when one has to work with people from “that building,” referring to the administrative building housing the offices of the Mayor Hamilton Green, Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase – Green and Public Relations Officer Royston King.

Sooba concluded by saying that she will continue to fulfill her  mandate which is not a political one while remaining cognizant of the political environment in which she and her officers have to dwell. (Leroy Smith)



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