Solomon says he will support AFC’s No Confidence motion if elected Leader of PNC

Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.
Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.

[] – Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon today announced his acceptance, following nominations for several positions in the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) Party and highlighted his support for the Alliance for Change’s (AFC) no confidence motion.

“It should be swiftly and decisively, after so many years of poor governance, what more chances they need…Tough decisions have got to be made,” Solomon said.

Party Leader, David Granger is yet to give a definitive answer as to whether the Party will support the motion by the AFC.

Solomon was nominated for positions of Leader, Chairman, Vice Chairman and Committee Member of the Party. He said, “it would be a humbling experience to serve people at a larger scale.”

Solomon believes his chances are “very good” of being elected based on feedback from people in and out of the Party and is of the view that he “represents the change that the Party needs”.

In this regard he has encouraged “all who support change to safeguard their democracy within the party the same as we seek to safeguard it nationally and as other parties in other nations do also”.

He also expressed hopes of fulfilling the Party’s vision, to build and unit it and provide leadership that will bring about growth and consolidation of Party resources to effectively address and respond to the political challenges and dynamics of this era: crime, injustice, joblessness, corruption, youth hopelessness. 

The region 10 chairman says he brings Leadership by example to the Central Executive of the Party since he believes that the Party is losing its direction and focus in a number of areas where the constitution is being violated and individual rights denied.  

Opposition Leader, David Granger
Opposition Leader, David Granger

He plans on making a difference in the Party by ensuring respect is maintained for the PNC constitution and the rights of the people; engage in consultative decision making that respects their involvement.

He noted that age is a factor that people use to manipulate or influence decision in their favour, noting that it is not about age, it is the ability to recognise the importance of all in our political reality.

On working with the ruling party in Parliament he said “the people have given the opposition the majority in parliament and this majority must be used to put pressure on the government to manage the affairs of government in the interest of all the nations’ people”.

He also noted that “Power when gained must be used effectively. We are yet to see this applied consistently with the one seat majority.”



  1. I S: like u ent clue in as yet to whats going doen..prior to 92 pnc supporters never go to the polling stations all across Guyana like they did and are doing since 92 elections….PNC supporters back in their glory days knew their rulers would win and win they did ha ha from 92 to now they are turning out and cant win

  2. The PNC supporters smell blood last elections so I think they will turn out full force. That means we have to come out stronger. Right now the AG, Dr Ramsarran, minister Rohee and other comrades are doing an excellent job in the PPP stronghold to rally back support. Meanwhile the president got them bad with all their nonsensical bills they pass in parliament. All the projects are running full steam ahead thanks to Ashni. The only problem I see and again I repeat is the Americans giving away too many visas to our supporters especially in Berbice and Essequibo. Priya did the right thing to blast them, but the party needs to take a more serious approach to this troubling development. We have to stop our supporters running to North America, but then again Gray they might return in another 15-20 years to support the Marriott.

  3. well de salman swin up stream he gone he disappear granger pelt lash pn he ha ha ha…grunger humble he real good..granger know he had de good on de salman so grunger send he upstream..he dont want de linden thing where three got killed to come out..salman an vanessa kisson were the 2 busiest pncites at the time of the gat de goods pon them both..

  4. pnc officials will carry out burnham policy forever..indian at the helm of pnc is a no no..kit n kin is a must in pnc top top brass at all times

  5. It is easier for the PNCite chief whip to pass through a needle’s eye than to bow down to Ramjattan as their President

  6. God bless you faithful servant-leader as you answer first to His call for the needs of His people in a secular state.May your service be even more fulfilling than the Solomon of old.

  7. Time for change. Bring on the no confidence vote. The economy is growing by leaps and bounds. Sugar is over performing, gold is improving excellently, the drug trade will make a bounce back with the help of the DEA, remittances will increase multi fold when we win back the majority. We have to stem the flow of our Indian supporters migrating we should increase the time to get a passport to 10 years like under the PNC time, that way the Americans can’t give them visas to run away and hide out. The Americans giving over 50% of the applicants visas, mostly Indians. We need to stop this clandestine plan that is being played to help the PNC. We need to stop our Indians supporters from getting visas and permanent residence in the USA!!! America and Canada stealing our supporters. Shameless I say!

  8. TIme to DISBAND the PNC/R we don’t want to remember the horrible time in our lives under this despicable scourge of a party. TIme for Green to resign as Mayor of Georgetown. TIME FOR CHANGE FOR OUR GUYANA.

  9. “it would be a humbling experience to serve people at a larger scale.” salaman de only people you will serve are those compressed depressed repressed up there in Linden…they dumb enough not to see through you how hungry your are for power and will do and say everything to get it…all of you in the pnc represents one set of people and thats the set grunger talked about when it comes to police action on dem::


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