Small audits show compliance breaches; Sharma says wait for the big ones

Jailpaul Sharma
Jailpaul Sharma
Junior Finance Minister, Jailpaul Sharma

[] – Junior Finance Minister Jaipaul Sharma has revealed that financial audits conducted for some government agencies have revealed compliance breaches along with a other few minor issues.
Sharma, during a recent interview, explained that most of the audits were almost complete, with some just awaiting final submissions from the forensic auditors.
According to the Junior Finance Minister, forensic audits conducted at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the University of Guyana Student Loan Fund and Carifesta X have shown clean slates.
“We have reports for the EPA…we did an audit for the UG loan agency…one for Carifesta ten,” said Sharma adding “basically there are compliance related problems.”

Sharma also pointed out that an audit of the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) has also been completed and it now has to be reviewed by the Ministry. Pointing to other entities such as the Guyana Marriott and NICIL, Sharma revealed that those audits are due for completion in late November.

“The large entities will reveal some degree of discrepancies – those will be completed in November and December,” he stated.

Already audits have revealed financial improprieties at the Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) where a Deputy CEO has been suspended for the transfer of millions of dollars. The audit at GPL revealed that Aeswar Deonarine transferred some $27.8M to his personal account as retroactive salary increases.



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  2. What a laughable post. I can’t believe that anyone is that daft and gullible. I am guessing that you were expelled from kindergarten for being academically challenged and that that marked the end of your formal education.

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  7. Small audits turn up blank; Sharma says wait for the big ones.
    The combined opposition PNC+ AFC lied to the Guyanese people and to the world about PPP corruption. Check the news how Hammie Green want back his wife $10M she owed and paid in taxes after being caught cheating. Check the news on Glen Lall owner of KN news paper how much taxes he owed. Check the news on Cris Ram on how much taxes he owed. Check the news Nigel Hughes and his wife on taxes owed. These were the front runners on PPP corruption. Every time the millionaires and billionaires not pay their fair share of taxes then its the countries poor that suffer because some politicians also will skim off from the top too. This is why Jadgeo must press for all politicians all news papers owners / editors in chief and all government auditors must declare all their local and foreign assets.


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