Skeletal remains found at Bee Hive backlands -samples to be sent for further examination


A farmer reportedly stumbled upon what he suspected to be the skeletal remains of a human at Bee Hive, East Coast Demerara (ECD) on Sunday.
crimeReports are that a skull and several other bones were discovered about eight miles into the Bee Hive backlands. As soon as he made the discovery, the farmer alerted law enforcement officials who went to the scene and retrieved the remains.
“C” (East Coast Demerara) Division Commander, Marlon Chapman, has indicated that investigators would be sending the bones to a pathologist to be examined, to ascertain how long they were there.

He related that he was positive that the remains were human as a skull with the structure identical to that of a human was found among the bones.

According to Chapman, from all indications, the bones appear to have been there for quite some time.




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