Skeldon, New Amsterdam hospitals get new ambulances


0856379c571c3bb55a9215e2bf1282f5_XL[] – The Ministry of Public Health on Saturday handed over two fully equipped ambulances to the Berbice Regional Health Services (BRHS). The vehicles, outfitted with modern equipment, including monitors, stretchers, beds, and oxygen lines were then presented to the Skeldon and New Amsterdam Hospitals.

 The ambulances were handed over by Minister of Public Health Dr. George Norton, and will add to the two facilities’ transport capacity.  Skeldon and New Amsterdam were chosen because both function as ‘receiving hospitals’. They do not only attend to persons in their catchment areas, but also those referred to them, from other villages, including Orealla and Siparuta.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Minister Norton pointed out that the vehicles were procured through collaboration with the Turkish Government, to whom he expressed great appreciation for the much-needed input.

Further, the Minister stated that this is a fulfillment of one of the promises made to the people of Region Six, with regards to improving the quality of health services offered to them.

He emphasised too the importance of ambulances, detailing that the Ministry has recognised this aspect of health care as very important, and hence its undertaking to acquire them.

The Minister highlighted that while the ambulances are important, training for medical personnel is equally vital, and to this end, Government has begun training for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

He pointed out that 52 EMTs have been trained, 16 of whom are employed by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). Thus far, these have responded to 33, 500 calls, and also conducted three en-route deliveries. The other 36 are currently in the employ of the Guyana Defence Force and the Guyana Police Force.

The Minister urged the representatives of the various hospitals to ensure that the ambulance drivers are well-trained and exercise caution on the road.

Meanwhile, Region Six Chairman, David Armogan, along with Regional Executive Officer Veerasammy Ramayya both expressed gratitude to the administration for the undertaking.

Also, present at the ceremony was Director of Regional Health Services (Berbice) Jevaughn Stephen, along with other officials from the receiving institutions. [GINA] 







  1. Firstly the hospital staff should be willing to serve patients with respect and care.Instead of putting their comfort of sleeping on the job while patient are begging for help .Sadly l had the misfortune of being hospitalized twice at the Skeldon hospital and can testify to the ill treatent of patients.God spare me from that horrible experience again l never ever want to go there again.If the doctor and nurses does not reconises you as a popular business man or woman of the community then u are on your own. I vividly recall one instant when l question the nurse what drug she was administering to me due to a prior incident that nearly cost me my life she got upset and said i refused to take the drug which was never the case, lost my heart beat and was knock unconsious because of a wrong dosage of aminophalin .So l had a right to know.There’s a lot to be desired in the health system.

  2. Such a shame that last night at 9 there was no gas in the ambulance at Skeldon the delay caused my cousin to die because he did not get to come down in georgetown hospital in time as thus the delay cause this tragic things to happen. guyana hospital no style


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