Pastor held at gunpoint, robbed while closing church



future-crime-gun[] – A pastor and several church members were held at gunpoint on Sunday night and robbed large sum of money while in the process of closing the church.

According to the police, at about 20:00hrs,  Pastor Dillip Bikhari of the Universal Church at Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara, was in the process of closing the church when he along with Brazilian National Andrea Santos and two other church members were attacked and held up by three men armed with handguns.

The men took away some $400,000, three cell phones, $1,000 US and a lap top computer and escaped.

The police responded to the report received and were able to arrest one of the suspects in the Meten-Meer-Zorg area in whose possession was found an unlicensed .357 magnum revolver, one of the stolen cell phones and the stolen lap top computer.

He is in police custody assisting with the investigations.



  1. Madmaxx get it right, pandits never take tighs from his church goers.

    why include the PANDIT with the PASTOR

  2. I can understand the PNC is busy robbing the Guyanese population and raping the treasury, but why would these bandits rob a pastor!
    I believe these bandits know that if they get caught and thrown in jail their papa will pardon them.
    So therefore let’s the crimes continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Again this is real Guyana under APNU-AFC government , where is RAMJATTAN under the bed ??!! the other day he went to Canada telling the party supporter the crime rate down , if he blind ? Everyone is not blind

  4. Great work CONTRACTS to the team in BLUE,,,,keep it up make us all respect and proud of all of f our armed forces,,,,

  5. These imposters are making a lot of money. They are robbing the docile people in the name of apostasy. When wIll these fools wake-up, if ever they will.

  6. Well well well very well it’s about time they move in theses pastors whom will never open their books for audit .


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