Six-yr-old Antiguan girl kicked out of school for being ‘slow learner’


ANTIGUA DAILY OBSERVER President of the Antigua & Barbuda Association of Persons with Disabilities (ABAPD), Bernard Warner has cried “victimisation”, after his six-year-old daughter was reportedly thrown out of a primary school without notice.

Warner told OBSERVER media that his daughter, Jennings Warner, was expelled from the Five Islands Primary School after the authorities there labelled her a “slow learner”.

Six-year-old Jennings Warner
Six-year-old Jennings Warner (Daily Observer Photo)

“When I took my daughter to school on Monday, the principal slammed the door in my face saying, ‘we don’t want her here’,” he said.

Warner said that this latest development stemmed from an incident that transpired last year when a teacher claimed that Jennings was not learning at the same pace as the average student.

He said his daughter suffers with seizures and, as a result, she missed a lot of time at preschool. However, when she entered the Five Islands Primary School, she was able to attend more regularly.

“During the first term, one of the teachers stopped teaching her because she said Jennings was slow. I realised that because for four months she never came home with any homework,” he explained.



  1. Bernard Warner needs to stop it. He got notice since last term to place the child in a special needs school…he refused to. I do hope that you guys print the response and explanation from the principal. After hearing her side I’ve realized that this guy nothing but an up start and love to be in the papers.


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