“Short Boss” to be sentenced for 2nd killing

Confessed killer: Travis Evans

Twenty-eight-year-old Travis Evans, also known as “Short Boss,” chose to enter a guilty plea before Demerara High Court Judge Jo Ann Barlow for the unlawful killing of 46-year-old legal clerk Gregory Frank.

During his arraignment on Thursday, he acknowledged that he killed Frank at Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke-Linden Highway, between July 31 and August 2, 2018, during a robbery. He will be sentenced on November 28 when probation and other social reports will be presented.

Dead: Gregory Frank

Frank’s body was discovered lying in his Lot 686 Kuru Kururu home on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway, with marks of violence to the head. All of his possessions were taken, and his house had been broken into.

An autopsy revealed that Frank died of asphyxiation from a compression injury to his neck that was made worse by physical trauma to his head.

Life sentence for execution-style killing

Judge Sandil Kissoon sentenced Evans to life in prison in April 2021 for the August 2, 2018, shooting death of 21-year-old Ronsley Clarke outside a Sophia, Greater Georgetown party.
Evans had chosen to enter a plea to the lesser offense of manslaughter after being first charged with the capital crime of murder. He must serve for a minimum of 25 years before being paroled.

The now dead Clarke, a mason, was gunned down outside a party in the presence of his girlfriend.

Dead: Ronsley Clarke

This publication understands that Evans and Clarke were known to each other and reportedly had a disagreement about a month prior, while they were at an event in Sophia.

On the day in question, Clarke was in the company of his girlfriend, Alesha Thomas at the C Field Sophia main access road when Evans was seen “chipping” into the said party.

The man quickly drew a small silver pistol from his jacket, and before an alarm could have been raised, he discharged three rounds in Clarke’s direction.

Two of the bullets struck the now dead man – one to a right rib and one to the right side of his upper back. The gunman then quickly made his escape in an unknown direction while the patrons at the party ran for cover. The Police were called to the scene, and Clarke was picked up and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation but was pronounced dead on arrival.

3 years for armed robbery

Also in 2018, a High Court Judge slapped Evans with a three-year jail term for robbing a woman at knifepoint. He pleaded guilty to the indictment which stated that on October 30, 2010, in Demerara, whilst being armed with a knife, he robbed Marlyn Kissoon of $650,500.

The second charge read that during the said period, he engaged in sexual penetration with the same woman without her consent. He is yet to be tried for the sexual offence.

Additionally, Evans was among several inmates who escaped from the Lusignan Prison in October 2018.