‘Shoelace’ gets life for murder of Annandale businessman


After a jury found him guilty of killing a man for which he was paid $60,000, Phillip ‘Shoelace’ Paul was sentenced to life imprisonment at the High Court.

Dead: Kamal Ramsahoye

During his trial, it was revealed that Paul was paid some $60,000 by an accomplice “Tall Man” for the December 2012 murder of Annandale businessman Kamal Ramsahoye who met his demise when the killers stumbled upon him when they were about to rob his home.

Only shoelace was on trial for the man’s murder however and a jury found him guilty as charged last month.

Paul had nothing to say before Justice Sandil Kissoon handed down the life imprisonment sentence at the High Court on Monday.

The judge ordered that he serve 30 years jail before being eligible for parole.

Ramsahoye’s relatives say they fully agree with the court’s decision as they continue to cope with their loss.

The prosecution’s case, which was led by attorneys Lisa Cave and Orinthia Schmidt, was that, under caution, Paul told Police that he saw his friend “Tall Man” on the “line top” (Railway Embankment) and invited him to go to a house in Annandale.

After they scaled a fence, they entered Ramsahoye’s home; and after the man was fleeing, they caught up with him, and “Shoelace” reportedly held the businessman while “Tall Man” stabbed him to death.

They then searched the man’s home and made off with a large sum of cash, after which “Tall Man” paid “Shoe Lace” $60,000 before the two-parted company.



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