SHOCKING REVELATIONS…Govt launches probe into spoilt milk claims


Shocking revelations are being made regarding a quantity of spoilt milk that was delivered to the Diamond Diagnostic and other hospitals; and INews understands that the Government has launched a high level probe into the matter.

INews was reliably informed that the milk was delivered by a well-known local company; however, health authorities have opted not to comment on the name of company.
While the details surrounding the discovery are surfacing, Director of the Government Analyst Food and Drug Department attached to the Health Ministry, Marlon Cole, when contacted on Wednesday confirmed that indeed some “bad” milk was discovered at the Diamond Hospital and that investigations are ongoing.

diamondCole explained that while the discovery was made some time back, the probe is yet to be completed since another issue came up. This new matter is in relation to challenges with Customs.

“The milk, some of it, has been seized pending investigations and those investigations are ongoing. So I’m not at liberty to give any details about the investigation,” the Food and Drug Department Head was quoted in a section of the media as saying.

When asked about the quantity of milk that was spoilt, the Director could not say as he is awaiting the submission of the report from the probe.

Meanwhile, Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton told a section of the media that he was made aware of the situation on the same day but was not fully briefed on what transpired.
“I know for a fact that this milk was destroyed because it was found to have larva inside,” the Minister revealed. However, he stated that all the milk was confiscated and the spoilt ones have been destroyed.





  1. How come they refused entry of 4 containers of milk last week, saying that it does not reach the nutritional value standard, but now they discovered that the have spoilt milk delivered to Diamond Diagnostic Centre? They “good/better” milk that the allowed entry now spoiled.

  2. This is the biggest comedy – Sad for the local people but shame on the Government- Scroll backwards from a few days of articles and read this same set of MILK were refused Entry – YET the companies seems to have receive their shipment…so who got BRIBE to let it RELEASED? What is this PNC regime not taking blames….they were quick to jump all over the PPP for corruption but the PUBLIC sees no difference- USA still has them as #1 in the world for the most corrupted countries and this DUNCE NORTON comes on here and make a fool of himself -fully knowing that someone got bribe here to release it – the process fell apart and ONE more PLUS for the ABC country to keep them on top of the corruption list….ANY smell WHY? ECONOMY will crumble – lies are being told to the public! These dunces has no plan – the lighting plan they had is slowly blowing up and getting exposed one by one….

  3. Still awaiting names……………………. my family and your families could be consuming milk supplied by the same company right now

  4. So whats new this will become the norm so we all have to get accustomed to this crap while the dictator who thinks he is the messiah and his dumb crew are spending money that they never worked for and sugar workers have to worry how they would feed their families.And at the same time the messiah giving away money to his ppl.

  5. SHOCKING REVELATIONS…Govt launches probe into spoilt milk claims.
    It only now starting…We going right back to the good old glory and gory days of PNC when Guyanese were sporting white yaaz mouths..


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