Sex workers accused of assaulting, robbing U.S. citizen


Two female sex workers appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court earlier today (Friday), to answer to the charge of aggravated robbery against an American citizen.

Jenelle Trotman, a mother of five who hails from 128 Friendship Street, East Coast Demerara and Yvonne Watts, a 22-year-old mother of three, of Pike Street, Kitty, both denied the allegation which was put to them in Court One by the Magistrate.

The charge read that on the evening of Tuesday, January 5 at Hadfield Street, Georgetown, they robbed the Virtual Complainant (VC), Harold Stiffle of a Samsung Galaxy S5 valued $80,000 and a wristwatch valued $15,000, a total value of $95,000.

According to Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones, the VC is an American citizen who works as the Manager of Aqua Incorporated at Kingston, Georgetown. It was related that on the evening in question, the VC was on Hadfield Street when he was approached by the women who offered their services to him. He reportedly refused and in response the women assaulted him, relieved him of the articles and made good their escape.

sex workers 1A report was made and they were arrested shortly after. The Prosecutor disclosed that under caution, the women claimed that the man used their services but refused to pay, and as such, they took the articles to cover their fees. The items have not been recovered, according to the prosecution.

The defendants were placed on $15,000 bail each as well as a bond of good behaviour by Chief Magistrate McLennan.

They are expected to return to Court on January 22.




  1. King Kong am sure President Granger will ensure that they are home with their families!!!. He will make it possible !!!

  2. I did not know that prostitution….uuh…sex workers!.. is a crime…. the union need to speak up….and what are we going to do with the 11% who is part of our unity government…

  3. Look at the facial expression of these good for nothing, low-life women. What a shame! What a way to live!


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