Several injured in accident

The minibus involved in the accident

– along Rupert Craig highway

Westward bound Route 44 minibus BNN 9711 collided with Toyota Hilux Surf vehicle PHH 5650 at the Conversation Tree junction of the Rupert Craig Highway in Greater Georgetown just after 18:00hrs on Sunday, and several persons had to be rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries before being discharged.

The minibus involved in the accident

The Hilux Surf was reportedly westward bound, travelling towards Georgetown when the driver attempted to make a U-turn at the Conversation Tree junction in an effort to head back towards the East Coast. The vehicle ended up in the path of the minibus, whose front crashed into the side of the Hilux Surf, and a number of occupants of both vehicles sustained injuries upon impact.

Hilux Surf that collided on Sunday afternoon

Eyewitnesses detailed that at time of the mishap, the bus had 12 passengers and the Hilux vehicle had three, including a child who was flung out of the vehicle and on to the roadway. The impact of the crash also snapped seats in the bus out of place, causing minor injuries to several passengers.

The driver of the minibus emerged from the incident a hero, as passengers were high in praise of his efforts to avert the collision. “He tried his best to save everybody in the bus,” was the general consensus. Police investigations have commenced.

The Conversation Tree junction has, over the years, been the site of countless accidents, and is notorious for roadway fatalities. (Ashraf Dabie)




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