Several in custody over Rio Nightclub shooting …guns, ammo found during search of house

The guns and ammo found earlier today by cops

Police say Homicide Detectives assigned to the Rio Nightclub shooting, this morning, searched a house at Hadfield Street, Lodge, during which two unlicensed handguns (.32 pistol and a .38 revolver) along with fifteen (15) rounds of ammunition were discovered.

The guns and ammo found earlier today by cops
The guns and ammo found earlier today by cops

Law enforcement officials have also confirmed that three persons, inclusive of two females have been taken into custody and are assisting with the investigation.

Additionally, in relation to the said investigation, two male suspects have been arrested this morning at separate locations, according to a Police statement.

Ryan Sergeant, also known as “Harry”, of Lot 2530 Layon Street, North Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was shot dead, while another teenager remains in critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The injured teen is Jeffrey Ferrel of North Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, Georgetown.

The shooting incident reportedly stemmed from an argument over money and “girls” at the popular nightclub in the wee hours of Monday.

Sergeant was shot once to the jaw during an exchange of gunfire.

After the shooting, Sergeant was picked up by his ‘gang members’ and dropped off at the Woodlands Hospital.

DEAD: Ryan Sergeant
DEAD: Ryan Sergeant

Upon seeing this, the staff of the hospital took him to the emergency room, but he was already dead. While information remains sketchy about the shooting, it was also reported that the incident stemmed from a gambling spree within the nightclub.

Another version stated that Ferrel was involved in an altercation with one of the suspects, who in turn left the club with another friend and a female companion. Further reports stated that after the trio left, they were followed by Ferrel and the now dead man and the argument resumed.

During the argument, the suspect whipped out a gun and discharged several rounds, hitting Ferrel in the neck and shoulder. While attempting to rescue his shot friend, Sergeant was shot to the jaw. The suspects then fled the scene.



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