Several houses destroyed during freak storm in Berbice


storm-newSeveral houses were destroyed during a freak storm on Sunday morning at two villages in Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne).

Reports are that shortly before 02:00h, high winds followed by rain ripped off roofs and flattened thistles, while uprooting trees, resulting in millions of dollars in damages. One house was totally destroyed.

Alimoon Gobin said he was not at home when the storm came. “When I come home I looking for the house, but the house deh flat. Can’t do anything about it, it done happen.”

When INews arrived at Number 19 Village and Warren, there was no electricity in either village and residents had already begun the process of reconstructing. Many claim zinc sheets were missing. Parts of some roofs were found some 300 metres from their houses. Fallen trees blocked access to sections of some streets.

One shop owner, Jasoudra Bhoodu, related that she was awoken at around 01:00h by the sound of rain tapping on her roof. “And the whole house shaking and like it tumbling up with me inside.”

She said none of the zinc sheets from her house were located.

Another resident, Neezam Khalim, said his entire roof, along with other parts of the house were blown away.

No one was injured.





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