Several hospitalised from 3 separate accidents


Several persons including a teenager have been hospitalised at various institutions across the country after being involved in three separate accidents on Saturday

The first one occurred at about 08:00h on the Recht-Door-Zee Access Road, West Bank Demerara when a 14-year-old pedal cyclist of 2nd Avenue West Minister, WBD, was struck by a car.

According to the police, both the car and the pedal cyclist were proceeding east along the Access Road with the cyclist in the front.

The cyclist suddenly turned south to cross the said road and ended up into the path of the motor car which collided with bicycle. As a result, the cyclist lost control of the bicycle and fell onto the road thus sustaining injuries.

He was picked up by the said driver in a conscious state, placed into the said motor car and taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, where he was admitted with injuries to his left knee and face. His condition is stable.

The vehicle was lodged to be examined by the certifying officer and the driver is in custody pending an investigation.

Corentyne accident

A two Corentyne, Berbice residents are currently hospitalised after sustaining injuries from a three-vehicle collision at about 20:45h Saturday night on the Number 72 Village Public Road.

Injured are 25-year-old Kamesh Chand Chaterpal, a barber, and an unidentified passenger, who was in a hire car.

Reporters are that Chaterpal was proceeding along the Public Road, while a hire car with two passengers was heading in the opposite direction.

The police said while Chaterpal was negotiating a turn, the hire car was allegedly approaching at a fast rate and came into contact with the front of his car. This caused the Chaterpal to lose control and collided with another car that was stationary on a culvert.

As a result of the collisions, both drivers and passengers sustained injuries and were taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital in a conscious condition where they were both seen and examined by a doctor on duty who treated and admitted Chaterpal for a fractured right leg, whilst one passenger was transferred to New Amsterdam Public Hospital with head injuries for further medical attention.

Their conditions are regarded as serious but yet stable.

Breathalyzer tests were conducted on both drivers which recorded zero. Further investigations are in progress.

Motorcyclist struck horse

An East Coast Demerara motorcyclist is currently suffering from a fractured skull and internal bleeding after his bike collided with a stray horse on the ECD Railway Embankment late Saturday night. At the time, he had a pillion rider who is also hospitalised.

Injured are 27-year-old Linden Mentis of South Vryheid’s Lust, ECD, and pillion rider, 20-year-old Ester Marks of South Better Hope, ECD.

According to police reports, Mentis and Marks were on the motorcycle driving on the Ogle Railway Embankment Road, ECD, around 22:45h Saturday night when the horse ran from south to north across the public road and the animal ended up in the motorcyclist’s path.

The man swerved to avoid a collision but despite the effort, he collided with the rear of the horse and both the driver and pillion rider fell onto the roadway and where they received injuries about their bodies.

Both driver and pillion rider were picked up in a conscious state by public-spirited citizens and escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital where they were admitted. Mentis sustained a fractured skull and internal bleeding, while Marks was placed in the Accident and Emergency Unit for observation.

Further enquiries ongoing.