Several arrested in Diamond, Grove, Craig Police operation


Several persons were arrested on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD) on Saturday morning during a four-hour Police operation.

Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) EBD Sub-Division Commander, Kurleigh Simon when contacted said that several ranks from various police stations along the EBD corridor raided a number of homes in the Diamond, Grove, and Craig villages, which commenced at 04:30h and concluded at 08:30h.

He explained that this was done after receiving numerous reports from residents in those villages about criminal activities occurring in those areas and persons of interest were also pointed out to the police.

“This was done with the aim of ensuring people feel safe in their communities. The police is upping the ante to take preventative action to root out persons with criminal intents…we will be expanding this exercise to other villages sporadically, that is our intention, and it is not going to be limited to the areas we searched on Saturday,” the Commander said.

Over the past few months, residents, particularly those in Grove, have been complaining about the presence of unknown males loitering in their streets late at night and during early morning hours. Some of those individuals are said to be indulging in the use of illicit substances and are feared to be criminals from Kaneville area, Grove, EBD.

For several years, Kaneville has been deemed a “hotspot” for persons who conduct criminal activities; they reside in that area or they commit their crimes and then seek refuge there.

Commander Simon noted that he recently took up the mantle of running the police stations along the EBD and that more patrolling by Police officers, especially during the night, can be expected.

He stated that persons need to feel safe where they live and that families should be able to sleep peacefully at nights without having to worry whether their homes will be broken into or worse.

The Commander added that as the Christmas season approaches, their will be more Police presence in villages on the EBD, especially around the main business areas and public roads.