Man allegedly sets house on fire


A dwelling house at Tumanturi Village, Potaro River, Region Eight  (Potaro-Siparuni)  was completely razed by fire between Friday evening and Saturday morning leaving the lone occupant seeking alterntive living arrangements.

The building was reportedly set on fire by the suspect Desmond Derially who had previously threatened to do so. The house was owned by 45-year-old Donette Doris.

Based in reports received, Doris and the Derially were consuming alcohol at the El Paso School sport when a heated argument erupted between them.

It was at that time, the suspect threatened to burn down the victim’s home with her inside. Doris, out of fear left and went to stay at a friend for the night.

However, at about 7:20h on Saturday morning, she was informed that her home had burnt  down. Accompanied by the Police, Doris went to check on her house only to see it burnt to the ground. The suspect was arrested but has since denied committing the act.

Investigations are continuing.