“Separate yourselves from quacks” – Granger tells Journalists

Opposition Leader, David Granger
Opposition Leader, David Granger
Opposition Leader, David Granger

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Opposition Leader David Granger has given the local media fraternity a pat on the back; saying he is, to a large extent, satisfied with the support he has received and the professionalism demonstrated in 2014.

He complimented the media for the “high quality” of reporting while pointing out that there were some disagreements, “but it is the nature of the press to interpret the news and report it in different ways.”

He charged Journalist to “separate yourselves from quacks… who try to come into your profession and lower the standards,” at his yearend press conference on Friday, December 19.

He also urged new entrants to adhere to the nobel and honorable tenets of the profession and reminded that journalism, like other professions, is bounded by norms.

“It is not a place for quacks… People should take the profession seriously,” he said.

The Opposition Leader reminded that journalism entails ensuring public responsibility which calls for truthfulness, an absence of bias and an investigative approach. “Not simply parroting the instructions of a superior or a particular agency.”

Granger said too that the profession also requires a high degree of training and experience, “I urge all Journalists, regardless of how senior, to continue to seek training.”

He added that the occupation also requires sense of professional solidarity.

“We have had a very challenging 2014… it was a year of change We started the year with great hope but we are ending the year disappointed because the PPP has not delivered a better life for us.”

He expressed hopes that as the country go to the polls in 2015 that the same high standards of reporting would be demonstrated.

He cautioned against reporting on the filth that political parties spew during elections period.




  1. The truth that glen lall is a scam hurting Andrew and the opposition. Granger don’t have an idea about journalism and if he consulted Nagamootoo is even worst. Granger is worried that maybe he and his colleagues might be caught in the scam business if GRA investigate them. So his merit less statements must not be taken for granted.

  2. Media what or who?
    Good Lord, grainjuh.
    Paleese call a spade, ‘SPADE’!
    You cannot record people’s conversation like KN news did. It is illegal.
    Is this what you are commending Sir?
    Instead urge KN to expose who don’t pay their taxes.
    Instead urge KN to expose who try to hoodwink the GRA by not paying
    their fair share.
    If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

  3. Granger, What better life you expect from the PPP? Are you not getting a fat pension every month? Are you not enjoying Parliamentary benefits? Have’t you been getting duty free concession every three years to buy motor vehicles? Do you not collect old age pension? Do you even pays for the treated water that flow into your property?
    Were you not at gravity lounge enjoying free stuff last week? Weren’t caught laughing when Glen brace his belly on you at gravity lounge? You’re not only ending your 2014 with disappointment, You are a disappointment! The PNC should remove you and put Alexander, or Solomon.

  4. What is said about the PPP is the truth,,and is the ppp not in power, they doing what they want with the state funds,,i am sure they can use lall to threaten KN to shut up, but is Glenn they scared of not the pnc, the bluff to take the two vehicles will not stop the truth,,and like ypu were hoping the US money should have been given to the CUP house to vote fu,,,k up,,yall thief enough ,,ppp got all the lotto funds to use up, bar.rat controlling it, curry mouth india will give you and jai money to lie more,,,and shit talk, granger serve Guyana you getting serve by who,,bar,rat,donald,or you like your masters dark,,lumbumba,or the old fool lunchdumm

  5. eh eh like red thread give granger sum ah dat US money they get so he buy shut an hat..wow..down wid de green shut grangah..he must have high praise for the media since he know the media is very much afraid of pnc..the things the media say about ppp they dare not say it about pnc..all media in guyana has to toe pnc line..all media..they know pnc past record on how pnc loved media.


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