Senior police, other ranks allegedly accept $6M bribe from drug dealers

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By Leroy Smith

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[] โ€“ Ranks from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Georgetown are in Berbice probing an allegation that some policemen, including an Assistant Superintendent, accepted a $6M bribe from drug dealers, to allow the clear passage of a minibus laden with cocaine and cash.

The Police Office of Professional Responsibility is also looking into the case. iNews was reliably informed that up to late Wednesday evening (September 24), three police ranks are in custody and under close arrest.

A police source, who is close to the investigation, told iNews that on September 10, 2015, a few police ranks were performing patrol duties along the Corentyne corridor when they stopped a minibus which was loaded with cocaine and cash.

The police received a tip off that a route 63 minibus would usually be transporting drugs, guns and cash; they were provided with the vehicle number and the travel schedule for the very minibus.

iNews understands that the police ranks, while in the vicinity of Springlands, East Corentyne Berbice observed the vehicle and decided to stop it to execute a search.

It was during the search that the police discovered that the vehicle was indeed transporting a very large quantity of cocaine and cash at the time. It is alleged that the ranks on patrol, with the most senior one at the time being a police corporal, negotiated with the occupants of the vehicle.

It is being alleged that the negotiation led to the occupants of the vehicle handing over $6M in cash on the spot to the police ranks. The men then allowed the vehicle to continue its journey and even provided some amount of escort for the vehicle before returning to a Police Station along the Corentyne Coast.

iNews was told that while there, the ranks reportedly informed their most senior officer of the illegal transaction, after which he allegedly took a sum of the money.

According to the police source, the deal began to unravel when one of the very ranks decided he was not satisfied with the amount of money he received.

iNews understands that the owner of the minibus and the conductor are not in custody but are said to be cooperating fully with the police in this investigation.

Meanwhile, the police have not been able to locate the cocaine or the cash the bus transported.



  1. Today nothing has changed, under the PPP you all were asked to join the force and that call fell on deff ears, nothing was done under the PPP to change what the PNC had in place, and i remind you i said nothing new,,,,

  2. Don’t mislead the public. The corruption and bribery all started under your PNC dictatorship during the 70’s & 80’s and continues today. Your then President would utter very familiar statements that the entire country knows about…”‘thief but don’t let me catch you'” was the motto of the day.

  3. here you are asking “how can you confirm this went down?” and in your very same breath you are out with the most stupid pronouncement that “you know cops and bandits get more freedom since may 11th”.

    goes to show you are nothing but a stupid klutz who cannot even keep your own story straight and doesn’t realize that the question to you could be; where is your darn proof?.

    in light of this new administration going after more rogue cops in 17 weeks than the misfits in the ppp government did in all of 23 years, you still have the gall to come on here and write nonsensical trash.

  4. How can u confirm this went down . or a cop want to make some allegation for something else .. Is theie solid evidence .. Or just a cop with a dangerous imagination .. We know the cops and bandit get more freedom since may 11 2015.. Life in Guyana is getting harder and bitter .. May god help up

  5. Sad to say this is very old habits of many,the COP just transferred a senior rank who did the very same thing, I noticed nothing was said about him,a guest a blind eye,and i bet the officer is .?????is who running all the drugs,,,,we all know,,,its a shame the state of LAWLESSNESS the opposition left in the habits of all in high offices,the habit was passed down from high up, the government has a lot to clean, Mr CLEAN has his hands full,

  6. The officers are contravening the very law that they had sworn to uphold. They should receive the max penalties and fines if found guilty. They should not be allowed to hold public office for the rest of their pathetic lives.

  7. unacceptable the police are apart of the corruption in Guyana how can the public trust them they join with the criminal .

  8. Citizens are crying out loud and getting louder that they are more afraid of police than that of bandits. All this info to the media about police wrong doing is just a joke. They want citizens to believe that things are being done to catch these bastard bandits whom is given authority to carry out their crimes.

  9. If this is true – and it most likely is – then the hammer of the Law should come down heavily on these ROGUE COPS.


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