“Send the Venezuelan Ambassador packing”; Guyanese protest Venezuelan Embassy

Benschop leads the protest outside the Venezuelan Embassy. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

One of the protesters outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Georgetown. [iNews' Photo]
One of the protesters outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Georgetown. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – A small group of persons, including social and political activists on Tuesday June 09, mounted a protest in front of the Venezuelan Embassy on Thomas street, against a recent decree by Venezuelan President, Nicholas Maduro which laid further claims to Guyana’s territory in which oil was recently discovered.

Leader of the Independent Party, Mark Benschop was one of the protesters who urged the Guyana government to take a more radical approach in dealing with the issue given the fact that diplomatic attempts in the past proved futile.

In this regard, he pointed out that it is high time Venezuelan Ambassador to Guyana Reina Margarita Arratia Diaz be declared ‘persona non grata’ and sent packing to her homeland.

“My advice would be a radical one in finally confronting this matter. Recall our Ambassador from Venezuela and send the Venezuelan Ambassador packing. This government must send a strong message to Venezuela,” said Benschop when asked what his advice to the government of the day would be.

Benschop leads the protest outside the Venezuelan Embassy. [iNews' Photo]
Benschop leads the protest outside the Venezuelan Embassy. [iNews’ Photo]
He added that Venezuela’s continued claims on Guyana’s territory must cease given that the Geneva Convention already pronounced on the issue in favour of Guyana.

“It must stop. Venezuela have to stop being greedy. The politicians in Venezuela must stop playing emotional politics with their people…that is why we are out here to tell the Venezuelan’s government, basically just go to hell,” the politician stated.

The Venezuelan Embassy in Georgetown. [iNews' Photo]
The Venezuelan Embassy in Georgetown. [iNews’ Photo]
Another activist, Don Gomes posited that the President of Venezuela has no right to lay a claim on Guyana’s territory especially since the area was usually found to have oil.

“The President of Venezuela have no right claiming Guyana…the people of Venezuela have a choice to choose a new president. He doesn’t represent all of them and they should get rid of him,” said Gomes.

Meanwhile, Commissioner on the Rights of the Child Commission, Nicole Cole opined that President Maduro may have lost his ability to process rational thoughts in the issuance of the decree claiming Guyana’s territory.

“The Essequibo is Guyana’s…the decree that he issues is illegal and it speaks of a mind that has lost its rationale. So he may be muy loco, muy muy loco. He has lost his mind. We are not prepared to give up the Essequibo.”

“We have friends, those friends are going to come to our rescue,” she added.



  1. In many high International Diplomatic circles Guyana will obviously be an embarrassment of poor intellectual comprehension if it has the continued comments and behavior of idiots masquerading as knowledgeable people. Most times in these issues, only people in Guyana are fooled. They don’t seem to know that though.

  2. Hot headed Benschop who barely scraped through with a few votes thinks he has the loudest and biggest mouth.Thankfully, he was rejected at the last general election and is back to where he belongs, in the streets. No Freddie around this time to protest. He is calling for the Venezuelan ambassador to be declared ”persona non-gratia”. This man does not have any sense of diplomacy, he doesn’t understand the implications of such action.
    Guyana sells a significant amount of rice to that country and reaps the benefits of Petro Caribe arrangements. Did he consider what retaliatory action the Maduro administration could take? Obviously he doesn’t understand.
    Benschop should stop pretending that he is a social activist because he only knows how to stir up trouble; a trouble maker big time!!!


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