See list of prisoners injured following disorderly behaviour at Lusignan


Following reports of a prison riot, last Saturday, at the Lusignan penitentiary’s new holding area, where approximately 400 prisoners transferred from Camp Street are held, the Department of Public Information (DPI) had reported that Prison Wardens were left with no choice but to use force to calm the ‘excessive disorder’ being exhibited by the inmates.

The new holding area of Lusignan Prison (DPI photo)

Several prisoners were shot and are suffering from minor injuries, while several others suffered injuries as a result of fights among the prisoners. There were no deaths or escapes.

The DPI had said, as a last resort, the use of force, including firearms, was required to restore order and maintain the integrity of the holding facility.


The following is a list of prisoners that were injured on Saturday 

Name of Prisoners Class Injuries Caused
Oscar Chester Convicted Gun Shot
Deon Greenidge Condemned Gun Shot
Sherwin Harte Condemned Gun Shot
Collie Smith Convicted Gun Shot
Richie Ramnarine Convicted Gun Shot
Gowharan Ramdial Condemned Gun Shot
Jamed Farley Convicted Gun Shot
Rico Persaud Convicted/ Remanded Gun Shot
Christopher Niles Convicted Gun Shot
Ian Searswattie Condemned Gun Shot
Davindra Asraj Condemned Gun Shot
Kellman Sertimer Convicted Gun Shot
George Grant Convicted Gun Shot
Slyvester Vandalynden Remanded Gun Shot
Rodrick Ibott Remanded Gun Shot
Shannon Cox Remanded Fighting with fellow inmate
Authery Bess Convicted/ Remanded Fighting with fellow inmate
Daniel Paris Convicted/ Remanded Fighting with fellow inmate
Clifford Christian Committed Fighting with fellow inmate
Micheal Cliff Convicted Fighting with fellow inmate
Shane Mc Callman Remanded Fighting with fellow inmate
Terry Kisson Condemned Fighting with fellow inmate




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