Security guards injured during shootout with bandits outside Demerara Bank

Three private security guards attached to the Professional Guard Services displayed brave and courageous action about 23:45hrs last night, while on duty. In the process, they received gunshot injuries and are currently hospitalised.
robberyThe security guards, two males and a female had just collected various amounts of cash for night safe deposits at the Demerara Bank and while in the process of exiting the armored vehicle they were in, criminal elements in a motor car drove up and opened fire on them.
According to the Guyana Police Force, the security guards adopted tactical positions and returned fire, after which the motor car sped away. This car has since been recovered in the Durban Backlands area with evidence of exchange of gunfire. The police said a  quantity of spent shells and five live rounds of .38 ammunition were recovered at the scene at Demerara Bank, whilst spent shells were found in the motor car at Durban Backlands.
Investigations are continuing.                  


  1. Bravery under fire and though wounded returning fire and preventing the attemted robbery.This is true bravery and the clients whose money they protected and PGS, should award these three handsomely, for their bravery above and beyond, their normal call of duty.Do not be mean, be grateful, open the pursestrings!!


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