Security guard shot as business employee robbed of over $1M

The Electronics City branch located at Forgarty's

By Ramona Luthi

Following feelings of being watched, an employee attached to Unique Apartments was earlier today robbed inside the  Electronics City branch located at Fogarty’s, while the entity’s security guard was shot as he made a brave move to provide protection to the man.

According to the Unique Apartments’ employee, Abdel Odie, he had just completed a cash transaction for his employer at Republic Bank and he was walking back to his car, which was parked in front of Muneshwer’s Limited. Odie told Inews that  he felt he was being watched and as such, he decided to step into Electronics City, hoping that the feeling would subside.

The Electronics City branch located at Forgarty's
The Electronics City branch located at Fogarty’s

However, shortly after he entered the store, Odie stated that he felt someone grab the package he was holding, and after he turned around, he noticed it was a short ‘African man’.

Odie said he continued to hold on to the package, but the man soon pressed a pistol against his side and demanded that he release it, which he did.

The manager of Electronics City, Curlis James related that after Odie was relieved of the package, the armed security guard attached to the electronic store stood up to face the robber.

James noted that after realizing that the security guard- identified as “D. Joseph” – was armed, the lone gun man shot in his direction and then fled the scene on a motorcycle which was parked outside of the store.

Joseph was subsequently rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The visibly traumatized Unique Apartments’ employee told Inews that approximately $1.2M was in the package that was stolen by the bandit.

Investigations are ongoing.

The recent upsurge in criminal activity comes on the heels of Guyana Police Force most recent pronouncement that there was a 20 per cent decrease in crime in Guyana comparative to last year; a pronouncement which observers are questing.

Just yesterday, Opposition leader, Bharrat Jagdeo told media operatives that crime has drastically increased regardless of what was announced.




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