Security guard, gunman face-off in robbery attempt on Insurance company


A security guard attached to the well-known Assuria Insurance company is in for high praise after preventing four perpetrators, one of whom was armed with a gun, from committing a robbery at his location.

robberyReports are that around 03:20h today the security guard was on duty at the company’s Church Street, Georgetown location where he was confronted by the four men. However, he valiantly stood his ground and put up a resistance against the men as a scuffle broke out between himself and the armed man.

Commander of “A” Division, Clifton Hicken, told INews that during the fight between the security guard and the gunman the perpetrator’s firearm dropped to the floor and was quickly retrieved by the security guard.

Upon realising that the gun was no longer in his possession, the perpetrator and his accomplices ran away from the scene leaving behind the unlicensed pistol with seven rounds.

The unlicensed firearm along with the rounds was subsequently handed over to law enforcement officials when they arrived at the location shortly after.

Hicken stated that it is believed that the four men used a nearby ‘flower shop’ to have access to the insurance company without detection until they were later confronted by the security guard on duty.

Meanwhile, investigations are underway to ascertain the identity of the four men who made good their escape.






  1. Congrats to this very brave security guy,these cockroaches must not be allowed to do as they feel,STAND UP TO Them ,,,


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