Security guard slain, found with throat slit in front of Robb Street store


The bloodied body of a slain security guard attached to the Transportation and Protection Security Agency (TPSA) was discovered in front of the store he was assigned to protect on Robb Street, just after 06:30hrs on Thursday.

Sammy Powell, a middle-aged resident of Mocha, East Bank Demerara is now dead. His lifeless body was found with a slit throat.

At the scene, Inews was informed by vendors near Powell’s workplace- a variety store- that the man was discovered lying on a wooden table in front of the store.

His boss told media officials that he was contacted and informed of the man’s death at around 07:00hrs.

While details remain sketchy, this online publication was told that Powell would often be involved in verbal altercations with several homeless drug addicts who roamed around the area.

Powell’s senior had reportedly spoken to him on several occasions and directed him to “make friends, not enemies.”

To the naked eye, there were no signs of forced or attempted entry into the store the now dead man once guarded.

Powell laid out, on the floor, in front of the premises he once guarded

Nevertheless, due to the fact that the middle-aged man died while on duty, Powell’s employer has agreed to assist his family with funeral arrangements, as well to provide some financial support to the dead man’s three young children.

Investigations into the man’s death are ongoing.



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