Seawall shooting: Fear, lack of confidence in police made “eyewitness” a no-show- Attorney

(L) Attorney Nigel Huges and the alleged eyewitness Devon Lyte

The self proclaimed eyewitness who on March 15, 2018 said he witnessed the shooting incident between ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the three alleged bandits is now afraid for his life and this is reason why he has not availed himself to the police for questioning.

(L) Attorney Nigel Hughes and the alleged eyewitness Devon Lyte

This is according to his Attorney, Nigel Hughes who made the revelation in response to disclosures made by Acting Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine regarding the credibility to the eyewitness, Devon Lyte.

Hughes voiced his dissatisfaction in a statement with the remarks from the acting Top Cop who debunked claims made by Lyte.

Ramnarine told reporters on Thursday that investigations carried out by his ranks saw the provision of three statements from witnesses who all confirmed that Lyte was not on the roof on the day of the fatal shooting.

“It is unfortunate that the acting Commissioner of Police…would choose to publicly challenge a citizen who was brave enough to come forward and provide a statement and who he has not had the benefit of interviewing” Hughes statement said.

The attorney explained that his client has expressed his fear and lack of confidence in the Police Force to protect him if he further came forward.

“In an effort to persuade him that his fears were exaggerated I attended his home where I spoke with his grandmother and sister both of whom were adamant that he would not be attending any police station as they were afraid for his safety  and that of their family” the statement said.

A letter was reportedly sent to the Commissioner on Thursday morning expressing Lyte’s fear.

Moreover Hughes posited that the contractor at the Softball Association of Guyana’s ground on Carifesta Avenue where Lyte was reportedly working on the day of the shooting denied seeing the eyewitness there “in fear of losing his contract with the Government to repair the building”.

According to him, two additional eyewitnesses were interviewed by him who revealed “a frightening chronology of events which have cast not only grave doubts on the version of events provided by the Commissioner of Police but include a recount of one of the police officers turning his guns on a group of persons who were playing football at the Guyana National Service ground when they were observed looking on at the events”.

Hughes said that the family of the three men who were killed as well as the eyewitnesses are of the opinion that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is incapable of carrying out a fair investigation into the shooting incident.

Dextroy Cordis also known as Dutty, of Grove, East Bank Demerara, Kwame Assanah, of Buxton, East Coast Demerara and Errol Adams also known as Dynamite were fatally shot and killed by Police on March 15 while they were reportedly attempting to rob a customer who has just left a bank in the city.

President David Granger has since ordered that an investigation be conducted into the killings.



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