Search of Sattaur’s home a violation of his human rights – PSC


The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has expressed its concern over media reports of the recent search by officials of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), of the home of the Commissioner General of the agency Mr. Khurshid Sattaur, and the seizure of various items belonging to the GRA.

The Commission said it is both perturbed and concerned at this treatment of a very senior official who has not been formally accused of any wrongdoing.

“To the best of our knowledge, Mr. Sattaur is on leave from the entity pending the results of an inquiry.  He has not been asked to resign and as such remains both the de jure and de facto head of the GRA,” the PSC said in a statement.

“In the circumstances, if his electronic communication devices were required for purposes of the investigation, then the proper procedure would have entailed a request to Mr. Sattaur to hand these over to the Board,” the Private Sector body posited.

The PSC also pointed out that, based on its understanding, the invasion of Mr. Sattaur’s home was not conducted by the National Police armed with a warrant for search and seizure of items from his home.  “This is a violation of his human rights.  It was reported that the officers who went to Mr. Sattaur’s home were officers of the Guyana Revenue Authority and we do not believe that they are or were legally authorized to do so,” the PSC declared.

GRA Commissioner General, Khurshid Sattaur
GRA Commissioner General, Khurshid Sattaur

“This searching of homes of officials of entities under investigation seems to have become common practice and we call upon President Granger to rein in what appears, from all accounts in the public domain, to be a show of excessive enthusiasm on the part of some persons,” the Private Sector Commission added.



  1. Scary, reminder of the oppressive Burnham days. Agree that we need to weed out corruption, even though the PPP turned a blind eye on all the vermin at the end of the previous PNC rule. There is still hope that the court of law will reign supreme.

  2. Search of Sattaur’s home a violation of his human rights – PSC
    masdmaxx de lapharbhumdhar racist is loving this news.
    Sattaur and PPP looked for this..they had 23 years to bury PNC criminals once and for all but prop them up and made them fat..its the innocent citizens that support PPP will suffer now.. this is only the tip of PNC ice berg . PNC now have heir glorious chance to -douglarize- guyana..

  3. There is too much spin to this issue.
    The officers went to KS house and requested items that were in his posessesion that were property of GRA and could aid the investigation. If they went in and conducted a search thats a different issue. Mr KS needs to say what transpired.
    Secondly this thing about PNC witch hunting the PPP is BS.
    The PPP has done that to their very own… remember the guy from EPA?

  4. In America evidence obtained illegally is inadmissible. In Guyana even if it is illegally obtained it is admissible. However the court has a discretion on whether to admit same.

  5. I would suggest to you borndumb to lead the way by being the first to take up your shift as security,lots of guys like shawn blinds and recruits from the phanton squad can join in, the law has to run its course,DO NOTHING And you have nothing to hide,,second its all news, part of the COMEDY show staring APNew,

  6. Daly what do you know about USA. You think they can walk into someone house demanding stuff. What is wrong with you people. They would request you hand over any asset belonging to that company and failing to do so they go to the court to get a order. As far as everyone is concern the man was not fired or ask to resign. So stop talking shit.

  7. Daley I suggest you learn the history of Guyana! Searching someone home without a valid warrant is totally illegal and the PNC dictatorship should be come to an end soon if they do not clean up their acts. These ministers are lucky that these acts are not conducted in the USA or Canada or they would be sued and became beggar the next day! The power rampage needs to be stopped and the APNU regime needs to come back to earth and start working for the people fast before 2020 rolls around. We need leaders to run our country not dictators. Stop chasing after the past and find ways to develop the future for the people…create jobs, boost the economy and reduce the crime…NONE which the PNC regime are successful @ so far.

  8. That’s BS and you know it. There are many who is above the law in the good old US of A. And a search warrant has to be signed by a judge before a search can be conducted in the US. Was that done or even require din Guyana?

  9. Mr Grantley you are wrong. There’s something called a search warrant. No person can barge in someone property and take things.

  10. PNC is out to humiliate PPP supporters. Can’t remember the PPP doing so after the PNC’s 28 years dictatorship. A lot of afro-guyanese had become rich thru corruption. Dont see this govt remaining in power after first term. let’s see what will happen when the shoe is on the other foot.

  11. Grantley no one is above the law we all agree ( “used to be” in the US not under the present admin)However there are policies and procedures that must be followed when executing a search on one’s residence, person and property-This gov choose to do other wise- this is what dictators do.In a dictatorship like we have now you are guilty until proven innocent unlike the USA.This is how the scoundrels in a dictatorship gain absolute power by driving fear and to remove the ppl basic rights of freedom.. Its only 7 months and look whats going on —we are doomed in this land.

  12. Hey Grantley, taking stuff from the man home, have ways and means, that’s following the laws. How about something called a search warrant. Imagine someone does it to you tomorrow when you are not a suspect, just barge in and take things. HA ha. Got it. A system is a system follow it.

  13. If these government officials is under investigation for wrong doings and the law needs evidence to prosecute them for their wrong doings, most obviously their homes would b one of the first place to search. If it was a normal citizen, it would not b a big deal. That is one of the reasons the USA is such a great country, nobody is above the law

  14. Mr. Sattaur and his family life maybe is in danger. I would like to suggest that the business community come together and finance about fifty men to guard and protect this family from this dictatorship.
    PNC had soldiers also doing surveillance there?
    Is the PNC using soldiers to tap his phone and email right now?


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