Search intensifies for missing Guyanese fishermen as 4 bodies located

One of the bodies located

As the search continues for the missing Guyanese fishermen who were attacked, robbed and tossed overboard in Suriname by Guyanese pirates, pilots of a private aircraft have confirmed that they saw at least four bodies off the coast of the Wai Wai bank.  

One of the bodies located

Following the sighting, the pilots have since notified the police of the coordinates and they have confirmed that search parties are already in the Wai Wai bank area and are waiting the change of the tide to move closer to the mountains. 

Surinamese officials have related that the bodies were sighted some 30 miles from where the attack took place and believe that the others might be around the same area.

Missing: Bharat Heralall

News coming out of the Dutch Speaking country suggested that the bodies are yet to be recovered but all attempts to do so are underway. 

On Saturday last, four boats were attacked by pirates in the Atlantic Ocean in the vicinity of Wia Wia bank.

A total of approximately 20 fishermen were reportedly robbed, beaten and thrown overboard. At least three managed to swim to shore and reported the incident to Dutch law enforcement officials. The names of the missing men have not been officially released.

This publication was informed however that 49-year-old Bharat Heralall of Annandale East Coast Demerara may be one of the men missing following the attack, in addition to those Guyanese who have been identified as missing such as Ramnarin Singh, Glenroy Jones and Ganesh Beharry, among others.

The Surinamese Government in a statement on Tuesday afternoon had said that a helicopter was dispatched to continue the three-day search with the hope of rescuing more of the missing fishermen or at least retrieving their bodies.

Meanwhile, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in a release said it remains gravely concerned about the matter involving the fate of the fishermen, who have been reported missing.

“This is a tragedy and we empathize with the families, who continue to be in anguish given the state of affairs. The horror that reportedly unfolded once again highlights the danger that our country’s fisher folk face every day to earn their livelihoods and to provide for their families” the party said while calling on “government to make every effort and take urgent steps to ensure that fishermen are found.”

Moreover, the PPP is calling on government “to ensure that the families are kept informed of the efforts being made…We hope for a swift resolution of the situation and that the families can be comforted during their time of distress.”



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