Schoolgirls nabbed in Berbice hotel – fabricate story they were ‘kidnapped’


The Education Department of Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) has been called in to investigate a report that three teenage schoolgirls were found in a hotel room in New Amsterdam.
The girls, aged 14, 15 and 16, attend the same secondary school in Rose Hall Town some 20 miles from New Amsterdam. The three girls were discovered in a room of the hotel, which is located along Main Street, New Amsterdam, by two of their parents.
Reports are that the girls had been at the hotel with two males, reportedly linked to two of the girls, before they were caught.
According to a report in today’s Guyana Times, two of the girls and one boy had been planning the trip for several months. One of the girls and her boyfriend were the architects of the plan. That girl invited a female cousin on the trip to accompany the party of four. When they arrived at a predetermined location, the girls changed out of their school uniforms into regular clothing which they had in their school bags.
Information reaching this publication indicates that a concerned parent noticed the students boarding a minibus at Rose Hall and enquired of another parent. The parents then made contact with the school and were informed that none of the five children were in school.
The parent of one of the boys subsequently made contact with him and enquired of his whereabouts and those of the three girls. The 17-year-old boy told his mother that he was at Port Mourant and did not know where the three girls were. He then indicated to his friends that he was going to travel to Rose Hall to find out what was happening. Before leaving, he booked a room for the girls to stay while awaiting his return.
Meanwhile, the girls reportedly fabricated a story which they presented to their parents who went to the hotel to collect them. They said that they had been kidnapped and had been told if they did not go with their kidnappers, they would be killed.
The matter was reported to Central Police Station in New Amsterdam. The Police investigation revealed that the girls had fabricated the kidnapping story.
A medical examination was done on all three of the girls by a doctor who said there are no physical signs of them being  sexually violated.



  1. Whatever happen to good old ass whopping.those parents should start the whooping from the hotel all the way to their homes. Back in the day,u can’t even be out of the house after dark..

  2. Schoolgirls nabbed in Berbice hotel – fabricate story they were ‘kidnapped’
    bet you this is not the first time for dem young gal dis–its the fuss time dem get ketch–thats all..
    now now..since de cack eye security bana put on dat 2 am curfew thing you will find more of these cases..dem lil gal dis is de ones that does party wid man till de wee hours of morning and dem parent/ s think de ah sleep

  3. These children blood just hot. And what kind of a hotel staffers are these that you cannot refuse the kids.

  4. We agree with your observation. We have since made the necessary adjustment to the last paragraph. Thank you!

  5. Such crass journalism. “All three of the girls were checked by a doctor and it was reported that their hymens were intact.”
    How about something with a bit more tact like ‘medical examinations determined that none of the three young women bore any physical signs of sexual assault’?


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