SCENES: Jail break, fire right now at Camp Street Prison


Sometime after 4:30 this afternoon, the Camp Street prison went up in flames. The entire complex is engulfed as massive efforts are underway to bring the inferno under control. Numerous unconfirmed reports indicate that a number of inmates have perished in the fire.

While the exact reason for the blaze is unknown, police reports are that two officers were shot and are currently receiving treatment at the hospital. Five inmates are also hospitalized, two of whom are listed as critical. Another five are reported to be on their way to the hospital.

Based on initial reports reaching INEWS, the chaos broke out after a prisoner managed to secure a firearm and open fire on officers attached to the penitentiary.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that after the shooting, a few prisoners escaped. Reportedly, they hijacked a car from a couple within the vicinity. Police managed to recapture one of the escapees while the four others are still on the run.

Currently, heavy security presence has cordoned off the area while nearby residents remain in shock and are worried for their safety and property.

Meanwhile, a police report late this afternoon indicated that there are shooting incidents at Buxton, East Coast Demerara, Details of this are not yet available.

An INEWS team is currently at the scene…..we will bring you  updated footage/photos and  more details in a subsequent post.




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