Sattaur’s son flees ‘pursuers’ in tinted, unmarked vehicle – found out later vehicle was driven by Police officer


Law enforcement officials have once again reportedly engaged in ‘dangerous driving’ tactics in the streets of Georgetown, this time aggressively pursuing the 19-year- old son of Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Khurshid Sattaur.
INews was reliably informed that on Saturday last, around 09:00hrs, Sattaur’s son Fiyad was driving along Middleton Street in the city and was proceeding to turn into Sandy Babb Street when he became aware of a heavily tinted vehicle on the road, driving behind him.
The young man was en route to classes at the Islamic School on East Street in Georgetown.

According to a source close to the traumatised young man, Fiyad sensed ‘imminent danger’ when the driver of the tinted vehicle reportedly drove alongside him in a dangerous manner, from the intersection of Vlissengen Road and Sandy Babb Street to Thomas Lands, without making an effort to overtake him on the said road.

Feeling extremely fearful of being shot, robbed, kidnapped or run off the road and upon feeling threatened, the teen reportedly drove away from the heavily tinted vehicle which is said to have been “unmarked”.

INews was told that Fiyad was alone in the vehicle at the time of the incident and, unable to telephone anyone for help, he panicked and believed the best option was to drive towards the Islamic school (Daraloom) where those in the compound would have assured his safety as well as notified his parents and the Police of the incident.

However, upon entering Lamaha Street, the heavily tinted vehicle continued to make attempts to drive alongside Sattaur’s and the young man is said to have thought that this maneuver was designed to run him off of the public road.
While trying to escape his alleged ‘pursuers’, Fiyad noticed that the tinted vehicle continued driving in a dangerous manner behind him and fearful that he would have been either run off of the road or hit pedestrians in his attempt to flee to safety, he decided to park in front of the Georgetown Public Hospital where it was heavily populated.

It was then that the tinted vehicle stopped as well and the female driver who exited the vehicle was garbed in a blue Police uniform.

According to the source, the female rank began shouting to Fiyad who subsequently followed the instructions of the officer to drive to the Eve Leary Police Station.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the officer, at the time, was not wearing a police name tag and she did not identify herself to the young man but deciding that the police station would have been the safest place to go at that point in time Fiyad complied with the instructions.

The female officer also reportedly failed to request to see his documents for the vehicle and by extension did not examine them.

At the police station, the source said Fiyad was detained for over 30 minutes and then told that he had been charged for dangerous driving. He was also notified that he would have to answer to that charge next week at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

INews was also told that had young Sattaur not slowed down on East Street (near GPHC) to seek assistance without knowing who the occupants in the heavily tinted and ‘unmarked’ vehicle were, he would have continued driving and it could have ended tragically for either or both parties.
According to the source, what is ironic is that the 19-year-old boy who thought he was fleeing for his life, from police ranks whom he could not recognise or identify in the chase, has now been charged by the said police rank(s) for trying to flee for his safety.

INews will be seeking a response from the Police Force on the circumstances surrounding this incident involving Khurshid Sattaur’s son.

This latest incident comes in the wake of the recent highly controversial high-speed chase of young Alana Seebarran, who was mistakenly pursued by an army intelligence officer during a bungled operation that resulted in three deaths. Alana is the wife of PPP/C Member of Parliament, Charles Ramson Jnr.



  1. This seems to be a well designed and calculated policy to use psychological scare tactics to force the young crop of potential leaders out of the country and consequently their immediate and extended families.
    I hope based on what it appears to be that it does not have a racial bias … I fail to see President Granger being the one articulating such a policy but is rather the ultra racist elements in the old PNC guard who are using their influence and authority to “bring parity to the racial composition of the country” so that the PPP will never ever return to power… I see a very few blacks who are speaking out on this at the moment…. hopefully it swells…. are we back to the old administrative police state ?

  2. Sly it’s only a matter of time before Guyanese take a stand. Wait and see but I hope they do it before it’s too late.

  3. Lies and more lies.The PPP propaganda machine is at work to drive fear into their silly supporters who can’t reason for themselves and also are illiterate and racial.PPP you need to go buried ourselves.Long live the colarion.

  4. Sounds all nice when you put it that way. But here we go again it appears back to the old days of PNC lawlessness and terror. I am of the view the APNU/AFC got to get their act together and let the law of the land prevail. The police is not a law unto themselves. And the citizens of Guyana should not have to live in fear because of political ties. President Granger should act his roll as president for all Guyanese.

  5. This police woman is a disgrace to her profession. Carelessy endangering and terrorising the life of a young man and other road uers alike, have proven how ignorant she is to quench monsterous thirst for her selfish desire. Obviously she have failed to heed the warning from the previous incident involving officer pyle who treaded the same path that ended so tragically. She need to be delt with severly and possibly be sue by the parents of the child for endangerment.where is ramjattan is he still in Guyana or have he gone into hiding? He is so silent at the moment.

  6. Ramjattan has no decency about him. Never had even when he was a lowly PPP member. Now, he is as power drunk as his pal Naggamootoo . Ramjattan did not have the decency to demand an explanation as to the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Mr Pyle, his wife and the driver of the truck. This is shameful. There should be no colour blindness in executing justice. It is time Granger and Harmon make a decision and get rid of this incompetent Minister of Security. Too many lapses are going on under Ramjattan’s portfolio. Guyanese need to get answers and to be guaranteed a life of peace and security. Obviously Granger has the wrong man in the role of Minister of Security. Give it to someone with guts, initiative, resourcefulness and the ability to command respect in the GPF. Come on Mr Granager, do something before this spirals out of control

  7. Mr. President we want to live in peace without fear of being robbed by bandits. Men in uniform are to protect us. We the citizens have become soft target for bandits and men in uniform who act like dectators.

  8. Sattaur’s son flees ‘pursuers’ in tinted, unmarked vehicle – found out later vehicle was driven by Police officer.
    East Indians were warned long before last election to leave Guyana for all other shores they can get to.
    Naga / Rumjhhat andRopenarine were told to join PNC – Rumjhaat dead meat if they join PNC comment was the final nail in East Indian coffins —
    The monster was on the loose even bofore election results were out they started attacking East Indians.
    When you see that PNC woman that threw the PPP flag on the ground in the presence of children and adults and security then spread her legs and pulled her panty to one side and piss on that flag you know thats not political but thats out of sheer and total hate.
    This is just the tip of the ice berg for East Indians in Guyana.

  9. The 19 year old claimed that he was “Feeling extremely fearful of being shot, robbed, kidnapped or run off the road and upon feeling threatened, the teen reportedly drove away from the heavily tinted vehicle which is said to have been “unmarked”.
    Where is Ramjattan? Where is Naggamoottoo? Where is Ramayah and Charrandas? Where is Rupert and Mark Ross? The Islamic school need to bring in ISIS Jihadist to protect their studients from the PNC phantom/death squad.
    Shame on the PNC!!

  10. Why does everything have end with a political twist and the invoking of Burnham who died “umpteen”years ago?

    Without having the facts, the looks like an over-zealous police officer who needs training.

    Get a grip of yourself!!!

  11. Wth! The Guyana police force is a real class act! Why is Sattaur son still in this country? He shudve been on the first flight out!! I know, it’s sad that we have to leave our home land but this is what it has gone to….. More sad days ahead 😥

  12. Anywhere around the world this would be an illegal move. Since Guyana is back to the Burhnam days of Army ruled dictatorship, expect more ignorance to come. Granger and Hermon is a typical example of dictators and can be compared to Saddam Hussan and Gadaffi! American will place a blind eye to this because they are ONLY interested in OIL money….The Guyanese overseas are already closely paying attention, hence the egging of Naga in New York! The PNC regime is working desperately to make sure all the former PPP members are in some court cases or investigation! This is a way to dope the public and continue to rig elections…..

  13. Guyana Police need to be trained in all areas efficiently and effectively. The police in this scenario is totally wrong and she should be charged; for the young man was driving to save his life, as all kinds of heinous crime is committed in Guyana in broad daylight. A police car is to have the mark in it, the police once on duty is to be in uniform, and once someone is caught breaking the law them the police need to properly identify oneself showing his or her id badge. I am not no expert, but from common sense I see that the police is wrong and used her powers to distress a law abiding citizen. Hence she should be suspended with no pay for a year and during that time let it be mandatory for her to further her studies in the area of her profession so that she will in the future know the right procedure to use.

  14. Worrying, extremely worrying. The PPP leadership warned long before the election what would happen should the AFC/APNU got into government. This prediction was based on the number of former heads and commanders of the army and GPF heading the APNU section of the coalition and that the country would be run along a military style dictatorship. This AFC/APNU administration is so afraid of the people because they are well aware that they did not win the election and are using every tactic used by BURNHAM to drive fear into the population. Unfortunately, its mostly Indians are being followed or spied on and those who are perceived to be supporters of the PPPC. Another wave of mass exodus especially those who could be sponsored by relatives/parents.


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