Sattaur’s son charged with dangerous driving, fined $25000


Nineteen-year-old Fiyad Sattaur, who is the son of Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Commissioner General, Khurshid Sattaur, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court earlier today where he was slapped with the charge of ‘dangerous driving’ and fined $25,000.
The teen, who resides at Ogle, East Coast Demerara pleaded guilty when the charge was read to him before Magistrate Renita Singh.

He was charged with driving motorcar PRR 4423 dangerously in Georgetown on Saturday last around 09:00hrs.
Fiyad had claimed that at the time of the incident he was en route to classes at the Islamic School on East Street in Georgetown when noticed a heavily tinted, unmarked vehicle driving near him.
In a statement to the Police, the young man said he sensed ‘imminent danger’ when the driver of the tinted vehicle reportedly drove alongside him in a dangerous manner, from the intersection of Vlissengen Road and Sandy Babb Street to Thomas Lands, without making an effort to overtake him on the said road.

Feeling extremely fearful of being shot, robbed, kidnapped or run off the road and upon feeling threatened, the teen told Police he drove away from the heavily tinted vehicle which is said to have been “unmarked”, and which was later found out to have been driven by a Police officer, who later detained him at the Police station where he was told about the charge.

lawWhen INews first broke the story, the Guyana Police Force hurriedly responded by providing a different account from what was stated by Fiyad in his report to the police.

In its statement, the GPF said that  last Saturday, a Police Sergeant who is attached to the Traffic Department and was dressed in uniform, was driving a private car along Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, when she observed motor vehicle PRR 4423 overtake a line of other motor vehicles waiting at the traffic lights.

“The police rank made a note of the vehicle’s registration number intent on following up with prosecution, however, she caught up with the vehicle at the intersection of Lamaha and Albert Streets, where she drove up alongside and told the driver of the offence committed. He however drove away.”

According to the statement, the Police Traffic Sergeant drove behind PRR 4423 and caught up again with the vehicle at Lamaha and East Streets, where she came out and approached the driver whom she learnt to be Fiyad Sattaur of Ogle, East Coast Demerara.

“She again, told him of the offence committed and requested for him to go to Traffic Headquarters and he complied.”




  1. Strange. Police woman following a young man in a heavily tinted unmarked vehicle.Then blatantly turned around to charge him? Is this charge to cover her real motive in following him.? No justice for indians in Guyana. This bring back to memory on my way to Georgetown many years ago three vehicles infront of me was stop then the officer also signalled my husband to do the same so he comply ,as he approach us he asked for drivers licence and regristration which we provided .upon examining the same and noting everything was in order he ordered us to drive to the station.Upon enquiring the reason for such a request he said you crossed the double line.Really! Driving at slow speed followin three vehicles ahead and he saw us cross the double line . My young sons in the back of the vehicle and not wanting to be detained for hours from our business venture we agreed
    to his demand of five thousand dollars.
    On our way back here again we were stoped by a woman, reason giving for crossing speed limit .when we protest her claim .she asked us.”do u think i standing in this hot sun for nothing?” I looked at her and requested a ticket instead.l am not in a rush i am on my way home.l have enough of these reckless money makers.

  2. dim bulb philip, you missed the part where he pleaded guilty in front of the magistrate and magistrate renita singh works with the gdf and police, right?

  3. you never give-up with you played-out and washed-up now useless victimhood game, eh? you most likely have a measly existence with the brain you have!

  4. shame ,shame shame,shame on you Mr Sattaur.You have committed an offence and immediately after put up a defence which is very dangerous and bitter.Am very happy that the Police Force was able to come forward and clear the air on this matter.PPP what do you have to say about this dangerous little boy who could have caused mahem and disturbance in Guyana????he should also be charged for public mischief.Its sounds so disgraceful as though indians in Guyana are being targeted.what next PPP????COME WITH MORE LIES.HAH!,HAH!,hAH

  5. The Lawyer of Sattur’s son needs to request for the surveillance footage of the incident from the CCTV cameras at the Traffic Lights at Sandy Babb & Vessengen, Irvine & Thomas Lands and Albert & Lamaha Street. Also witness(s) can come forward and give verbal or cell phone footage(s), if available, so as to confirm if Sattaur’s son was innocent or the GPF is covering up their WICKED DEEDS.

  6. Strange……………..thought the Police said they had no knowledge of any incident involving Sattaur’s son

  7. Its just a charge,in his country they wold have set him FREE for any offense, the COWBOYS AND INDIANS NEVER GOT ALONG,,,

  8. Sattaur’s son charged with dangerous driving, fined $25000
    They will intimidate you then chase you then charge you then fined you to send a clear message get out of our country since this is our ancestor country and land.


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