Sattaur sacked as GRA head

Former GRA Head, Khurshid Sattaur

Commissioner-General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Mr. Khurshid Sattaur’s services with the agency have now been terminated following a unanimous decision taken today by members of GRA’s governing board.

According to a media release from the GRA, this decision was made at the Guyana Revenue Authority’s 171st meeting held earlier today and will take effect from March 1, 2016.

Acting GRA Commissioner-General, Ingrid Griffith, is slated to continue to function in the position of Commissioner General until further notice.

In July last year, Finance Minister Winston Jordan had confirmed that Sattaur and 20 other members of his staff proceeded on annualised leave.

Jordan, however, had said at that time that Sattaur had requested his leave, while the 20 other staffers had accumulated leave and were instructed to proceed on their leave.

Although speculation was rife that Sattaur would have been let go, Jordan insisted that the GRA boss was not sent on leave but rather requested his leave.

He noted that some of the employees have leave amounting to 300, 280, and 240 days and Minister Jordan thought that they should proceed on leave and return.

Then Sattaur, just over a month ago, was  sent on ‘leave’ by GRA’s Chairman Rawle Lucas.

“The Governing Board of Directors of the Guyana Revenue Authority today Thursday December 17 took a unanimous decision to send Commissioner General Kurshid Sattaur on vacation leave with immediate effect to facilitate an upcoming comprehensive audit of the agency by a reputable international firm,”  Lucas said in a statement at the time.

He noted, then, that Mr. Sattaur who has been Commissioner General for the past 12 years has accumulated vacation leave time of more than 200 days and has been ordered to proceed immediately on leave while authorities organize for the audit of the Authority.







  1. Editor.. Can you do some investigation on GRA reemployment of former Custom Officers who were involve in Multi Million Dollars Fraud?

  2. This is ONE of the many cases of Racism express by the PNC regime…do not worry about NAGA and RUMJATTAN…..these two are poppets in a bag! Naga was stripped of his power and egg down on his visit to new york….Coc-Eye Ramjattan a look east and see west….so the dictatorship of Guyana continues…Who supports PNC are promoted, how supports PPP are demoted….pure dunces are installed to run the economy under the Atlantic….

  3. I guess it’s high time that the PNC ensure that all Government department position be filled with PNC square pegs in round holes? What a shame that Ethnic cleansing is part of the witch hunt.

  4. Sattaur sacked as GRA head.
    Is this shocking? hell no its not..its expected..but what took so long? is it to get ingrid time to learn to count? you have to be reminded that some of these people that are now in high office does not know how to spell hundred..they will be learning on the job.

  5. Sattaur should be JAIL first , before Get sack, he is a f /=%€€£¥$÷@ dog . He is the one that make a lot of guyanese left guyana, not for the right things he was doing , but the way he likes to talk to people. I said this so many times , and I am going to say it again , he is a dog .

  6. Mr K Sattaur should either open his own business or just pack his suitcase and leave. There is absolutely no chance that he would be employed by this administration regardless of the role. He is finished with; KAPUT.
    Or perhaps he could approach those BIG FISH businessmen who he helped to clear their goods expeditiously or undervalued them over the years, for a managerial position. His children who were employed while he was chief, if they are still there, should begin to look elsewhere except any government institution for a job as their days are numbered. Indian at GRA ? persona non Gratia is APNU/PNC motto.


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