Sattaur denies revealing taxpayer’s info.


In justifying the reason why outgoing Commissioner-General Khurshid Sattaur has been sent packing by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), its Chairman Rawle Lucas earlier today stated there had been a breach of taxpayer confidentiality prior to the General Elections held in May last year.

At a press conference held at the GRA earlier today, the Chairman of its Board of Directors (BoD) also said that Sattaur had a GRA safe at his house which contained ICT that is utilised to store taxpayers’ data.

SACKED: Khurshid Sattaur
SACKED: Khurshid Sattaur

However, responding to claims made by the Chairman, Sattaur emphasised that he never revealed taxpayers’ information to anyone. He further refuted claims that he had a safe containing taxpayers’ data at his home.

Lucas did not expand on who the taxpayer is, to whom the taxpayer information has been provided to, nor for what purpose. It was, however, pointed out that it is unclear as to whether or not the data stored in the safe had been compromised.

Reporters were also told that although Sattaur had retired in 2011 he continued to serve in the post as Commissioner General of the GRA by means of an “implied contract”.

During this period he is said to have been receiving an average of $12M in pensions and this employment agreement had been deemed as “highly irregular” by Lucas.

The GRA, in a statement yesterday morning, said its Board of Directors had unanimously agreed to sever ties with Sattaur effective March 1.

Sattaur later issued a lengthy response in which he admitted that while he is not surprised by the decision to “discard” him, he looks forward now to a “peaceful retirement” and the payment of all his benefits and severance package.

Sattaur also pointed out that from the very inception, especially the many public pronouncements made by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, served as an indication “that it would be uncomfortable for me to continue as the Head of the GRA under the new Administration”.

“It does concern me that I gave long and dedicated service to my beloved country for which I have received a national award (the CCH), for my outstanding performance and I am now being discarded and attempts are being made to have me ridiculed and publicly embarrassed by the very Agency that I gave long and dedicated service to,” Sattaur stated in his response.

He said these incidents, sad to say, would appear to have been orchestrated to make it very uncomfortable for him to continue serving with the same dedication and sincerity with which he approached his work.







  1. i hear the chairman got his girlfriend a job at the GRA. she does not have a degree but he is giving her that level of salary.

  2. Revealing confidential information given his status and affiliations, this chap is a prime candidate for prosecution and ethical sanctions from his affiliations. Why are no charges brought forth for him to answer?

  3. Where is the PROOF! Why all the accuse someone when you do not have evidence to support it! We, the people of Guyana want facts! If you fire someone, and it is deem because of his bad leadership….show the public the proof! The PNC regime is so afraid to show proof is making everyone sick to their stomach….It shows dictatorship, racism and clearly not justifiable to the people of Guyana! Naga was egg down in new york and businessmen refused to listen to him shows people are loosing faith in these crooks…..


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