Sattaur denies attempts to silence Kaieteur News

Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Khurshid Sattaur
Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Khurshid Sattaur
Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Khurshid Sattaur

[] – Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Khursid Sattaur in response to an article which appeared in today’s Kaieteur News headlined: “GRA’S seizure of vehicles designed to silence K/News from investigating duty free concessions,” has denied the allegations; stating that the two are very different matters.

In refuting the claims that the GRA has handed out hundreds of millions worth in concessions to Chinese logging company – Bai Shan Lin – Sattaur denied that the company obtained concessions on its own behalf and handed such concessions to others to use.

“If that were the case you would have seen GRA immediately mounting an exercise not dissimilar to what we witnessed over the weekend to seize the items involved,” he said in a statement.

He said too that Bai Shai Lin is not guilty of falsifying import documents just  in order to qualify for  concessions as is the case with the two vehicles where it is alleged that not only are the values most shamelessly understated by supposedly using forged invoices to pay a very much depressed amount of taxes but the actual dates appear very much doctored to give the impression that these vehicles were in possession by the supposed re migrants for the qualifying 6 months prior to obtaining re migrants status.

The GRA Head said too that if one were to apply the rate of taxes 45% duty 140% excise and 16% VAT to the  correct value of about US$85,000 for each vehicle  then the vehicles would have  attracted taxes of  approximately US$251,000 (GYD$51M).

“In other words the total taxes that were evaded are close to $100m,” he said; adding that “in the case of these two vehicles the owners appears to have gifted these vehicles to their long standing friends, the Lalls.”

He said GRA will continue to maintain that it has a duty to keep such information on the concessions the company received by virtue of its approved investment agreements very confidential in the same way it will keep the information on concessions that the candy making company, which is a related company of Kaieteur News, obtained from the Government.



  1. What you are peddling are heresay and fabricated lies. You are fighting against Guyana’s revenue in favour of Kaiteur boss. Who died and made you Emporer?

    Fact Bharat Jagdeo went from country to country with his begging bowl and wipe out two (2) Billions US Dollars that you and your PNC blessed us with.

    Fact, two and a half dollars of our money could have bought one US Dollar before Burnham and his PNC took over.

    Fact our money were not worth the paper it was printed on in that intransit passengers Guyanese dollars were refused at places like Barbados.

    We just had nothing! Now the PPP/C have money and progress.
    Please go away.

  2. Stop it right there! I am fighting tooth and nail against a barefaced, corrupt and vindictive government, which is totally different from Guyana, the country. The PPP does not own Guyana, even though its captains appear to be on a mission to own and control everything!

    You want proof of money laundering? Forget about the overnight, rags to riches, millionaires putting up high rises, building luxury houses and driving expensive imported vehicles. Forget about the Roger Khans who exported cocaine and then laundered their ill-gotten gains into mainstream businesses. Forget about government contractors who conned taxpayers out of billions every year. Forget about the local banks bursting at the seams with their billions of dollars in deposits that they declare handsome annual profits.

    Now, let us focus on the man on whose watch it all happened: Bharrat Jagdeo! The man who built a mansion then sold it for 6 times its construction value to Guyana’s Honorary Consul to Trinidad, a Guyanese named Ernie Ross, then built a bigger mansion because he needed a presidential library. This man got up in 2011 and said he was disappointed that the Financial Intelligence Unit did not made a single money laundering bust in 2010. Why would he say that, Jon? You still want proof? Then take a long, good look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Who am I?” Because it is obvious you are either in denial or delusional!

  3. If you have any proof of money laundering then bring it forward.
    Guyana’s interests is yours.
    You are fighting tooth and nail against Guyana.
    Sure seems like this private citizen is paying you for his representation?
    If you are not a politician then you do not have the right to intervene on his behalf.
    Did he ask you to represent him?
    If not then I ask you to pack your trap and move out of Guyana. It is feeding you and your children. PNC and the Burnham Government and possible you made us beggars.

  4. Well, surprise! did anyone believed he would admit it. Bottom line you cannot make concessions for some and not all. But just like most nations, Guyana is “screwing” over their own people, while others are being given a “free ride”

  5. If there are irregularities associated with the documents submitted to and approved by GRA, they should be addressed.

    The problem is not only with potential rregularities here, but the terrible impression the GRA is giving Guyanese that it is, actually a political weapon of the PPP to go after critics of the corrupt regime. Lall and his relatives are just the latest targets.

    But with all the massive money laundering taking place in Guyana, the GRA has never once brought a case against anyone for failing to source their funding and for failing to pay taxes thereon. The GRA’s double standard is not lost on Guyanese, so Sattaur can deny and lie from now til the moon turns red, we know what time of day it is, but every rope has an end.


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