“Santa” invasion violates sanctity of the National Assembly- Opposition MP

The woman dressed as Santa who invaded the National Assembly

…says intellectual author must be sanctioned 

As the Leader of the Opposition Dr Bharat Jagdeo commenced his presentation in the ongoing Budget debates in the National Assembly on Friday, a female disguised as Santa Clause invaded the National Assembly with a bell in one hand and a dictionary in the other.

The woman dressed as Santa who invaded the National Assembly

She was subsequently restrained by the Sergeant of Arms of the National Assembly and forcibly removed from the House.

The act, this publication was informed may have been the brain child of a Governing Minister as the woman was reported to be the secretary to a Minister.

Opposition Parliamentarian and former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall dubbed the intrusion a “violation of the sanctity of the House and the threat to the physical safety of the entire Parliamentary Opposition which it constitutes.”

He said in a Facebook post that the ‘sinister event’ occurred when most of the Government Members had already exited the House.

“This new development is the product of an infantile mind that is incapable of appreciating that they have exposed the physical safety and well being of every Parliamentarian” said Nandlall.

He continued that “security officials of the Parliament must therefore, explain how this serious breach of security took place in the presence of several officers on duty and dozens of body guards of Ministers. If some sadistic Member of Government is the intellectual author of this dastardly act, then that person MUST be sanctioned . This strikes at the heart of Parliamentary democracy!”



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