Ministerial Pay Hike: Trotman urges citizenry to “trust and believe in us”

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.

By Jomo Paul

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.
Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.

[] – While the Government continues to bear the brunt of scathing criticism over its decision to implement salary increases for Government Minister and Parliamentarians, Governance Minister Raphael Trotman is urging the electorate to “trust” the Government.

Trotman, at a press conference on Wednesday, stated that he does not believe the increases are “astronomical”; adding that if comparative studies were to be done across the region, it would show the proposed salaries are not above the norm.

According to the Governance Minister, the Government is well aware that the decision would have been unpopular noting the ramification of similar moves by other governments across the world.

“We do believe that this was necessary,” said Minister Trotman.

“Trust us…trust and believe in us. We are in no way above or far from what is the norm,” he told reporters.

State Minister Joseph Harmon when asked about the increases had stated that the government has no apologies to make over the issue.

“We have to pay people well if we want them to perform. I am not going to say that I make any apologies whatsoever for Ministers getting increase in salaries, they deserve it,” Harmon had stated.

Asked about his colleague’s statement; Trotman stated that Harmon was caught off guard.

“The Press has been quoting a Minister who was asked to give a comment at an event was quite momentous and symbolic, perhaps he was caught off guard…he was giving an opinion,” said the Governance Minister.

“It’s not a matter of giving an apology or not giving an apology, but we provided, in our opinion – the explanation to the nation…we are not hiding…there is no need for us to run and hide there is no desire to do so,” he added.




  1. Lol… “we are not hiding”. That’s like when your mom tells you don’t take the fry fish but because you take it when she’s there it doesn’t count as stealing. Any new hire starts at a minimum wage and once he or she gains experience and can do the job then you get incremental increases.

  2. we are not stupid how can you be trusted you lie to the public you want to raise your pay what have you the government done for your citizen since taken office? no way we as Guyanese will accept that it matter not what race or who you voted for we as citizen of Guyana should stand up as one and protest against this. show all politician that we will not tolerate this from anyone . we will use the people acts to support our right we need to protest against this . hold all politician responsible for we the people who put them their and we the people can hold them accountable

  3. that man is a real *** , when he was not nominated for presidential candidate for AFC in 2011 he suddenly have a mysterious illness that cannot be cured , he needed rest cannot overworked etc,.
    when he became speaker of the house the sickness suddenly disappear
    now again he is very strong to talk sheer balls>>>>
    good for you all who want changes …. more to come

  4. “Trust us”, says he.
    “There are lies, damned lies and statistics”, said Benjamin Disraeli.
    “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”, said Jesus Christ.

  5. How can you ask for “trust” after your govt reneged on its campaign promises to half of the population who “trusted and believed” in you? Ignore the mood and wisdom of the electorate at your own risk…No apology for NOT TRUSTING deserve NOT BE TRUSTED…To trust a liar is to give him the means to destroy you.

  6. NO YOU CAN’T BE TRUSTED. You fool the electorate. While in opposition you complained bitterly about the PPP/C ex President pension & benefits. What have you done now. If the treasury was empty when you got into office how can you present the biggest budget in Guyana’s history hence give yourself a 50% salary increase while in office for less than five months????? You, Rumjatt and Nagajatt are all idiots.

  7. Pay police what they deserve!! A constable deserve $500,000.00 per month, a Lance corporal $550,000.00, a corporal $600,000.00, a sergeant $650,000.00, etc. Share the pie! Stop raping the treasury.

  8. ‘According to the Governance Minister, the Government is well aware that the decision would have been unpopular noting the ramification of similar moves by other governments across the world.’

    So which Government you are talking about Mr Trotman? Name one Sir.
    Guyanese are not stupid.
    You know this was wrong then why you did it?

  9. Trotman must have been absent the day arithmetic and percentages were being taught in primary school. He was also absent the day honestly and integrity was shared out. How the hell can anyone trust this guy or any of them. They complained bitterly about the president’s pension only to take away a few staff here and some utilities there. See Kaiteur News today for a comparison with T&T government salaries.

  10. First of all, you Trotman, denied that there was going to be an increase. Secondly, it was some diligent reporter who discovered the increases by way of the gazette. Thirdly, it is astronomical when the entire package per person is computed. No, you cannot be trusted, and we have no apologies to make!!!

  11. We believed you and voted for you. Now that you are in power you give yourselves fat raises and tell us to “trust” in you.
    Harmon harping ” no apologies”.
    You told us be smart and not vote for the corrupt PPP.
    Now you want us to be stupid and “trust” in you.
    This is a betrayal that will not be forgotten. I will personally remind you and all Guyanese of this when elections come around again.

  12. If the argument is to pay persons so they can work better then this should go for all, especially the public servants, how can people survive on 50-60k a month it’s madness, this country has no social systems in place for when you are unemployed, or single parents you get no tax breaks or credits. If you don’t have relatives to send you a raise then you might as well turn to crime to be able to provide for your family.

  13. Imagine that!!! These are the same f;+’+’+ who made an uproar about the ministers salary and president pay etc etc while in opposition benches.. and now look how the tables have turned… imagine that.. Harmon and trotman…. afc/apnu.. enjoy the empty treasury that afc/apnu claimed the ppp left… and here the reasoning “look across the region their salary are well in the norms”… there’s no stimulus for the economy,the business people are crying,no direct investment to create wealth nor jobs and u still say he public must trust u.@?! Is this man retarded… why don’t they explain how there. Is an increase in the numbers or scores of people everyday at the embassy and much more at the passport office… people are running from the bare naked truth… and then say that the afc/apnu govt is in infancy stage… Nothing infant about their increases nor allowances or decision making…. the cookie is crumbling steadily..


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