Sacking of torture cop is illegal – Former AG

Narine Lall and Mohanram Dolai

By Jomo Paul

Narine Lall and Mohanram Dolai
Narine Lall and Mohanram Dolai

[] – Former Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall says that the decision taken by Vice President and Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan to fire one of two police officers accused of torturing a young man in 2009 is illegal.

On the instruction of Ramjattan, Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud gave Corporal Mohanram Dolai notice of the termination of his services to the Guyana Police Force.

Dolai was found criminally liable for burning the genitals of 15-year-old Twyon Thomas while he was in custody at the Leonora Station lockups six years ago.

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall. [iNews' Photo]
Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall. [iNews’ Photo]
“Last week I instructed the Commissioner of Police that in the public interest, both ranks who tortured at Leonora, for which they were found criminally liable, be fired. I understand that the rank (Dolai) that the Police Commissioner could fire, was fire,” Ramjattan is quoted as saying in several sections of the media.

He also said that he intends to write to the Police Service Commission, which is the authority to rule on the dismissal of police officers indicating that Inspector Lall also be fired.

However, Nandlall told iNews on Wednesday June 03, that the Minister has no power or authority to give such instructions to the Police Commissioner.

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan
Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

He explained that the constitution explicitly states that such cannot happen, hence Ramjattan’s actions goes against Guyana’s laws.

According to the former Attorney General, the Minister can only give policy directions to the Force and he has no authority to be involved in the operations of the Police.

Emphasizing that he holds no “grief” for the accused policemen, Nandlall pointed out that Ramjattan is now practising the very “control freakism” he had denounced on many occasions while in the Opposition.

At the time of the horrific incident, Thomas was being questioned at the Leonora Police Station in connection with the October 26, 2009 murder of Ramenauth Bisram –PPP/C’s former Vice-Chairman of the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara Region.

It was alleged that while he was in custody, Dolai, then a constable, and Lall, who was a sergeant, doused the lad’s genital area with methylated spirits then lit it on fire.

They were both promoted in the Police Force recently.



  1. They both should loose their job, too much of nonsense was going on under the ppp, let some one take alcohol rub and put it on their private and the lawyer too and light it, and see how they would feel,that’s not to be tolerated.

  2. We are not living in Geneva What the people of Guyana is saying to the USA about how many innocent ARABS they and Israel killed did
    they get any action from Geneva no so who are the Biggest
    Criminals in the world.not, Forgetting the North American Natives
    Remember my friends the world is one,If it’s good for one it’s good
    for All people of the world lets speak up as humans.

  3. How can you say that both are criminals,when they were not found guilty in a “criminal” court but only found liable in a civil court the same as OJ Simpson. You are one hypocrite that still feels that OJ is innocent even after found liable in a civil court you moron!!

  4. I hope for his sake he can use all he know to defend the criminals he work for,all the dirty tricks in the open now,he better read the law to them criminals at robb street, THIEF!!!!

  5. You still touting for the peepeepee, return the 1 free lapeetop and start living your life telling the truth, you still suffering from shock,the full force of the law must be used for all criminals, power drunk is what you ppl think you had,but Ya Lie,,Jail is the place for many of ppl rape Guyana. Its time to change your dirty ways.

  6. Anil, seems to be the only legal mind that really understand the laws of Guyana as lawyer. Anyone can read the law book, but not everyone can interpret the law.

  7. Former AG torture is illegal not sacking of the terrorists. These kinds of cops MUST GO

  8. I agree that the “torture cops” should be fired. They should have been fired a long time ago. However, Mr Ramjattan would do well to inform himself of the authority he has and the type of instructions he can legally give.
    Mr. Ramjattan had no authority to instruct the firing of any police officer.
    All Ministers and political appointees should be properly advised on the administrative rules of the ministries/departments they are responsible for. This will ensure they do not make fools of themselves by acting ultra vires of their authority.
    This Coalition government should not venture down the lawless and ignorant path the former PPP ministers went.

  9. They were hungry for power which they now have. They have now become power drunk and are using it with full force in many government departments/ministries. idi Amin behave in a similar way.

  10. the ppp/c sometimes make me feel sick,everytihing is illegal, the same thing they should have done

  11. Both of the police officers are criminals because they were found guilty of a criminal act and torture is a criminal act go check the Geneva convention.

  12. @bhanmatie make wonder if good really exist and what exactly is evil all about. Gosh you make me feel sick…..

  13. Bhanmatie, your post clearly indicates you head it up your behind. Torture is torture, if you don’t understand that i pity you.

  14. That is who Mr Ramjattan is free criminals ,free families and free party members . how can Guyana be a better place to live??? With criminals on the street ???


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