Russians arrested following assault on Guyanese miners- Police

One of the assaulted miners in handcuffs wrapped around a post
One of the assaulted miners with handcuffs wrapped around a post

Two Russian nationals who were caught on video assaulting Guyanese miners are now in the custody of the Police after a thorough investigation was launched into the issue.

Following the incident, a probe was ordered by the Natural Resources Ministry.

It is being reported that an Investigative Team travelled to Quartzstone, Cuyuni, where the incident occurred and where the men were arrested.

The men who are reportedly employed by West Bank Demerara Gold Inc., which is licenced to operate in Guyana, are sworn Supernumerary Constables and authorised to carry firearms.

However, in a statement, the Police said that “The Administration of the Force further wishes to indicate that the Supernumerary Constables in question, being employees of the aforementioned company, ought to have been attired in the prescribed uniform approved by the Force’s Administration for that Company, and not as seen outfitted, in the video footage.”

It was previously reported that two employees of Hopkinson Mining Logistics were executing duties on their employer’s concession when they were intercepted by two expatriate, Russian operatives who made every attempt to prohibit them from doing so.

As such, a security officer of Hopkinson recorded the incident with his cellular phone.  The video recording showed a Russian operative who is known in the concession area as “Batali,” demanding documentation and challenging the two employee’s right to be on their employer’s claim and subsequently attempted to block their access.

The video showed “Batali” punching one of the men to his face and as the employee attempted to defend himself, the Russian expatriate punched him a second time, then pulled a gun on them.

The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) had also obtained additional evidence of a separate incident in which the said Russians allegedly handcuffed another mining worker and tied him onto the roof of a structure and tortured him.

The worker was reportedly forced to urinate and defecate while hanging from the roof.



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