Rupununi farmer beaten to death; suspect arrested


Police in Regional Division #9 are currently investigating the death of Cedric Jones, a 59-year-old farmer of Bashaizon, Deep South Rupununi, who was beaten during an argument with another farmer.

Investigations so far has indicated that Jones died after he got into an argument and physical encounter (fight) with a 27-year-old Amerindian who is also a farmer from Bashaizon, Deep South Rupununi.

The incident occurred at about 17:20h on Friday at Bashaizon.

Investigations revealed that Jones and the alleged perpetrator – a 27-year-old farmer also of Bashaizon – are known to each other.

Reports are that the suspect was consuming ‘local pine wine’ when Jones was passing by.

Jones stopped and spoke with the suspect during which they got into an argument over animals belonging to the now dead man going into the suspect’s yard.

The suspect reportedly pushed Jones down to the ground and kicked him several times, causing him to received injuries and became motionless.

A report was made and the suspect was arrested and cautioned by the Police, and he replied saying: “I told him (Jones) to take care of his animals that the animals are coming into my yard and damage my cassava. Jones then charge towards me and I pushed him to the ground and kicked him but I can’t recall which part I kicked him and he never moved.”

The body was examined by a crime scene rank and photographed. It was then escorted to the Lethem Regional Hospital where it was pronounce dead on arrival.

Jones’ body was then placed at the Lethem Regional Hospital’s Mortuary awaiting a post mortem examination.

Several persons were also questioned by the police and statements were obtain.