Roopnarine, Urling want LGE before National Elections; Nadir says both are important



By Fareeza Haniff

Hard Talk[] – Differing from the view of his Leader, David Granger, A Partnership for National Unity [APNU] member, Dr Rupert Roopnarine says he prefers to have Local Government Elections [LGE] before National Elections.

Granger had recently stated that the Opposition has been forced by Government to push for general elections ahead of LGE because of the administration’s lawlessness.

However, Dr Roopnarine disagreed as he shared his ‘personal opinion’ during the radio program ‘Hard Talk’ aired on 90.1 Love FM today [Sunday, August 24] along with Head of Blue Caps, Clinton Urling and the governing People’s Progressive Party [PPP] Member of Parliament, Manzoor Nadir. The program was hosted by Chris Chapwanya.

Dr. Roopnarine explained that while the APNU is committed to supporting the No Confidence Motion against the government by the minority political party – the Alliance for Change (AFC) – he believes that the people of Guyana stands to gain more by having LGE at the earliest possible time.

“My private opinion at this time notwithstanding the momentum out there, my own view at this time is that the country would benefit the most from Local Government Elections. Let’s think about the timing; were we to go through with the No Confidence Motion, which it looks like we are, it would mean you have elections within 90 days; that would mean we have elections in 2015.

“Were we to hold general elections in 2015 that would mean there would be no Local Government Elections until 2016. Given the state of the NDCs and state of Local Government, the general decay and function of the communities, I am not sure myself that general election is going to attend to that issue,” Dr Roopnarine said.

He also believes that the voting age for LGE should be reduced to 16 from 18. Dr Roopnarine further pointed out that Guyana could have LGE in a very short time, depending on the readiness of the Guyana Elections Commission.

His sentiments were met with total agreement by Urling, who is a known advocate for LGE. The Blue Caps’ Head pointed out the inability of the government and the Opposition to compromise on various important issues, the disrespect to the Parliament; more so the alleged illegal spending of monies not approved by the National Assembly by Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh.

Meanwhile, Nadir, speaking on behalf of the governing PPP, believes that both elections are important.

“The issue is going to be for us whichever one comes first, however it comes, we’re going to be once again going to the people with a strong program, seeking their mandate in terms of being their government,” Nadir said.

When asked a direct question by Chapwanya as to why no date has been set for elections as yet, Nadir could not give a definitive answer. Instead, he said, “I am confident we will see some movement in the next month and a half; it’s going to be crucial when the Parliament reconvenes. I am confident we will get Local Government Elections.”

On a separate note, Urling noted that most young people are frustrated with the current political climate.

“Most of them I’ve interviewed feel as though the politicians aren’t looking out for the people, they are looking out for their own interest. The solution should be a mature level of politics… These guys need to sit together.”

Local Government Elections was last held in 1994.




  1. the last general elections were held three years ago . the last local government elections were held twenty years ago. we don’t even know who are the reps in the local govt bodies,except, of course, the dinosaur Hamilton Green. and that is because he is a total failure who is always fighting women. of course this old man would be happy for general elections first so that could continue in office for another few years . during that time the govt will have to spend billions more on gt. let us save our capital city and our women by holding LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS.

  2. It is not unusual to hear such ‘backwardness’ from Rupert Roopnarine. This is a guy who doesn’t know what he wants and one can cite several in-congruences in his failed political career. Is he the guy who APNU expects will attract the Indian vote as their prime ministerial candidate??? It is time Roopnarine bows out gracefully and disappear from Guyana’s political landscape. It just didn’t work out for him. Do it now and avoid further embarrassment in your old age.

  3. local government elections are more important at this time if only to get a new mayor of gt. the capital stinketh while the lord mayor finds time to write an epistle a day on topics that are not relevant to sanitation in the city. to top it off the lord mayor finds time to march in the stink city calling for the closure of bai shan lin.

  4. We need to get one election and that is the General Election.
    Whoever Governs will ensure LGE is carried out in a timely manner.
    So far the only sore thumb is Georgetown and a few others to a lesser degree.
    Given what we know, Georgetown will not change and the PNC supporters always vote race and not issues.
    They call for no confidence, so lets the chips fall.
    It will be all for the Government even if it returns as minority.
    We do not want LGE to give mandate to the wrong people to be main players in a General election. We have seen how Mr Green used his job in 2011 as Mayor to canvass PNC votes by duress on Business people.
    No, these people must not be allowed to thwart democracy.


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