Rohee shoots down Gun Amnesty Programme

General Secretary of the PPP/C, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff                    

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Former Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee says that the gun amnesty programme by Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan is “bound to fail,” citing reports by law enforcement agencies during his tenure.

Rohee, who is also the General Secretary of the Opposition PPP, told a news conference at Freedom House on Monday, August 31 that reports submitted by law enforcement agencies during the PPP’ time in office, indicate that the programme did not prove to be a success in other countries.

He explained that this is one of the reasons why he never introduced gun amnesty while Home Affairs Minister, since he did not receive the necessary support.

“The gun amnesty touted by Ramjattan is bound to fail. In most cases the programme did not reach its anticipated success. This was the case in Argentina, Australia, Brazil and nine States in the United States of America,” Rohee told reporters.

He also alluded to statements made by President David Granger, whom he said did not support such a programme while he was Leader of the Opposition.

“Granger himself had said that a gun amnesty programme will not succeed in Guyana. He had stated publicly that he is not in favour of gun amnesty; he had said it would not work…Now under pressure, Granger has somersaulted and has come out in support of the gun amnesty process.”

Rohee explained that during his tenure as Home Affairs Minister, a task force on narcotics and illegal firearms was established and they had lengthy discussions on the issue

“They were of the view that it will not work in Guyana and it will fail. That is precisely why the Ministry never pushed it forward. Since all the Law Enforcement Agencies were not supportive, the then Minister guided by this mere consensus as well as by international experience, decided not to pursue this matter.”

Rohee expressed his surprised that the programme is now underway.

“The same people who advised Ramjattan, are the same people who advised me. So I was rather surprised when I read that the Ministry was pursuing that action,” the Former Home Affairs Minister said.

The Ministry of Public Security announced that from September 01, at 9 am it will begin receiving illicit firearms with no questions asked and persons submitting will not be prosecuted, as part of the gun amnesty period.

An advertisement in the local newspaper warned that when the one-month amnesty is up, persons found in possession of illegal weapons and ammunition will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws.

According to the advisory, “all transactions in this amnesty period will be treated with strict confidentiality,” and listed police stations throughout the country where firearms, ammunition or explosives could be handed in between 9 am and 4 pm.

The stations in ‘A’ Division are the Timehri, Ruimveldt, East La Penitence, Brickdam and Alberttown police stations. In ‘B’ Division guns can be turned in at the Fort Wellington, Blairmont, Central, Albion, Whim, No.51, Springlands and Mibicuri police stations. In ‘C’ division, the police stations are: Sparendaam, Beterverwagting, Vigilance, Cove and John, Mahaica and Mahaicony.




  1. Mr. Rohee is right. Criminals are not known to surrender their guns. Now good citizens who gave up their guns have no means of protecting their selves,family and interest. For Guyanese to depend on Guyana Police Force (GPF) for protection in a land of many homicidal animals is not a wise thing to do. More decent citizens need guns, especially business people. There should be amnesty program for business people to register their guns. For business people to have guns would deter violent crimes and home invasion. Now tell me how many decent Guyanese people die due to criminals with guns? If those people (victims) had guns they probably would not have die. What do you think?

  2. I am so sick of the Pee Pee Pee they are not in support of any thing this new government is doing. They were in office for 23 years and God knows they did so many bad thing we don’t have enough toes and finger to count. Their intention is clearly not to see progress in the country they say they love so much.

  3. gdhoyte stop the name calling idiot. you don’t like what i post then don’t read it and respond you idiot.

  4. Gun amnesties are used in several counties and this is not new…. Just one way of attempting to reduce crime…. Only those PPP supports of low intelligence, that is the majority would have a gripe with this….under their watch crime went through the roof and they did not have a grip on it… Only now with a new government in place do they start going on about the surge in crime…. Under those PPP parasites guyana experienced a tsunami in crime…. Rohee the thief and unintelligent dunce should hang his head in shame

  5. DK, I am not sure where you are from or where you live but from your statement it seems either you are not Guyanese or are a two time idiot. I served in the GDF as well as overseas and even though we were never involved in a total conflict of war in Guyana, I can say without reservations I do respect every person in uniform that served. Were you privilege to serve in Guyana or else where you would realize that the GDF carries well trained personnel for our region.

  6. It may not remove illegal guns,but if even one gun is handed in and removed from the possibly of harming anyone,then the amnesty is a success. Also, it is a clear warning to all illegal gun owners,that if they ignore this amnesty offer,any time they are found with an illegal gun, they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.No exceptions, no mercy. Roti, it must be well beyond your intelligence, to think, then actually make a decision by yourself.Poor Roti ,go suck Jagdegone thumb,say nothing more and be happy.

  7. Dear GS,

    The PNC+AFC = APNU has lowered the passing score for everything. SO they will call it a BIG SUCCESS…listen for the number of guns received during the period to get the new pass mark..

  8. This programme as spelt out for implemenation cannot attract illegal weapons…it is void of incentives and motivation . It is a lukewarm approach to a very delicate and serious part of crime fighting ! How in the name of Almighty Creator you have the same old advisors from the previous who were convinced and are still convinced that ” amnesty ” cannot and will not work because they looked at the results gained in other countries …..Those countries are historically, culturally demographically and pollitically different than our country .These advisors are mentaly bankrupt : they are just going through “the official motion” …..Where is the inovative approach ?……This programme has to make maximum use of all the social groups in the various communities…eg. NGOs , Churches and Temples etc…..It is also very self defeating to run an important offence like this for thirty(30) days only………I am convnced this first step properly and regularly advertised can make a great difference……….Non compliance must see a different level of pennalties; not the same” old laws” that defaulters will accept with a broad smile…….Let us get serious ,we can do what we want to do .Save this beautiful country!

  9. Mr Rohee, are you out of your mind ? The program will work NOW ! It may need a bit of tweeking admittedly. It should be a buy back program….not an amnesty…the low level criminal minded will never and I repeat never turn in a weapon which has so much value and which someone paid for along th echain… it is working capital …. if a low level drug head is going to end a life for GYD$10,000 how the dickens he will turn over a weapon ? So in a sense you do have a point… but we run things now… it gonna work ! You should have directed the Law Enforcement Agencies !!!! That was your job… Just like Minister Ramjattan directing the 2am curfew. Irrespective of how it is viewed, perceived that is leadership in action…. you ran behind the advice of the so called advisors !!! By the way the very law enforcement agencies had their own renting out the guns…giving away ammunition… I can’t blame you and your regime because that was a culture all the way from the PNC. What I can blame your regime is failing to curtail that culture… t

  10. Granger was against it now he is for it. What do you really expect from a former GDF so called soldier. It would appear that the office if the president is run by former GDF so called soldiers. They are all well trained in heavy weapon use but not to fight wars not to defend Guyana but to bully their way into power. Greenidge knew all about this power grab since Granger and his GDF comrades took power away from him and now with the blessing of US GECOM handed power to them which gone to their heads. Ramjattan has to be a dunce to introduce such crap since criminals will never turn in their toos (guns) to him or anyone. Granger and the ruling cabal are what is called flip floppers. They were against everything that they are now for.

  11. This is probably the dumbest idiot in Guyana’s politics. Just two days ago, there was a report on Australia’s gun amnesty program on CNN. In the last ten years since the program was implemented, there had been no mass murder. There were other benefits, such as, a significant decline in gun-related suicide….


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