Rohee denies political motivation behind GuySuCo strike

General Secretary of the PPP/C, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The ongoing industrial action at the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) has no political motivation and workers are merely protesting for what they think they deserve.

This is according to a General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee when he was questioned by iNews at a press conference on Monday, October 26.

According to the General Secretary, the sugar workers have a right to demand an increase in their salaries given that the APNU+AFC administration had just awarded itself a massive increase.

According to the General Secretary, “we consider it as an industrial action staged by sugar workers…Is it not justifiable for the sugar workers to demand more money.”

Rohee pointed out that all workers who engage in industrial action, must feel peeved by the recent actions taken by the administration.

“When workers feel peeved, the only weapon that they have to resort to make their voice heard is the strike action. As I see it, I think it is clearly and unequivocally an industrial action,” he stated.

GuySuCo in a press release on Sunday expressed its disappointment with the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union’s (GAWU) decision to proceed on the industry wide strike.

“Their actions have affected all field and factory operations, breaking the prevailing production momentum. The Union is demanding that the corporation commence wages, salaries and fringes benefits negotiations for 2015. The corporation and the Union had a preliminary meeting on September 16, where the corporation informed the Union and the representatives from the various estates that it was unable to commence discussion before the Commission of Inquiry has submit its findings and recommendations,” the sugar entity said.



  1. This coalition is a joke. They gave themselves a nice hefty raise and can’t even fix a simple document to get it passed by FATF. Then to make matters worse, the handling of the rice industry as well as the sugar workers shows that they said and did everything thy could to gain power. Who will want to invest in Guyana when the leaders can’t get their own house in order?? This is what happens when you put a soldier to do the job of a politician!!! I see a return to the polls in 32 months!!!

  2. so much illerate we have in guyana, they want to close the industry , go ahead you dunces, this is the changes we all vote for.

  3. Mr. President sell GUYSUCO out have it privatized for one Dollar and let see how these illiterate workers will do and there favourite union GAWU.

  4. Evil PPP,no weapon formed against the new govt shall prosper.Satan is a liar and he is defeated that’s the powerless PPP.

  5. Well said but some are ashame to admit that the economy is definitely going down hill. Time will tell bitter days ahead.

  6. I never publicly commented on GUYSUCO future. This organization is the political army for the PPP. Careful consideration should be given to privatizing this industry due to its capacity to inflict division on this nation. At some point in time national unity is more important than an industry.

    The PPP Venezuela fisco, sabotage by Guysuco workers and now this other sabotage to bring economic and financial problems to the new government within five months are just plain fifth-columnist activities -i.e. the enemy within giving comfort to Venezuela.

    Venezuela expected and was given some assurance on Essequibo by the PPP. They intend to remove the current government so the PPP can return to power to hand over Essequibo. The sugar workers have joined this enemy side.

  7. Mr Rohee is once again tampering with the intelligence of the Guyanese public. Of course this action is politically motivated. Why was there not a similar demand taken for 23 years when the PPPC recklessly looted Guyana’s treasury and every conceivable area where there was an opportunity to do so. PPPC lost the election and they are determined to continue to ruin the country. Wonder when they will truly represent the people who voted for them and contribute to the welfare of all the Guyanese nationals.

  8. RICE farmers were given fake promises by APNU that the PPP was paying them $3000 per bag….the APNU campaign said they will get an increase to $9000….instead they got a decrease $900! These people are fake! The duped the public, rig the elections and took power to full their pockets. The only reason the USA and EU help them to get into power is because they study Guyana History well…Under PNC, Guyana economy always crashes…the USA discover OIL…so they will further slide Guyana dollar value to buy it out at a cheaper rate….while the Guyana people slide in the ditch….typical robbery!


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