Rohee accuses PNC/R of criminal links; Says he does not have to provide evidence

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and Party Member, Zulficar Mustapha. [iNews' Photo]


By Fareeza Haniff

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and Party Member, Zulficar Mustapha at the press conference today. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and Party Member, Zulficar Mustapha at the press conference today. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – In an obvious hostile mood today, General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party [PPP], Clement Rohee lashed out at the People’s National Congress Reform, telling them to “stop being hypocritical about gun crimes in Guyana.”

Rohee went on a tirade, accusing the Party of having links with the criminal underworld and benefitting financially from such links.

However, when questioned by the media, Rohee, who is also the country’s Home Affairs Minister, could not provide any evidence or say where he received his information.

He said, “The evidence is there to show the PNC’s strong connection with the criminal underworld, most recent being a photograph in circulation showing Mr Granger at a function on a seemingly deep conversation with Kevin Fields, an alleged bandit, who was shot and killed a few days ago.”

The photograph which Rohee refers to shows Mr Granger at a funeral, comforting the mother of Shaquille Grant, who was shot and killed by the Police last year, while Fields was giving her a bottle of water.

“This recent expose vindicates the PPP’s long held view that the PNC has criminal elements embedded in its ranks and who are assisting the PNC in furthering their political agenda.”

He then attacked the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News, accusing the two dailies of deliberately refusing to publish the photo and views it “as an attempt to cover up or protect the Opposition Leader.”

His rationale is that had it been a PPP Civic Government Minister or official of the ruling Party, “both the Kaieteur News and the Stabroek News would have spared no effort in making the story.”

Rohee also referred to the PNC’s alleged link to notorious gunman, Linden ‘Blackie’ London and the five prison escapees. He said there is evidence to show that “top PNC officials” visited the various hideouts of the Mash Day escapees.

“The PNC has never distanced itself from this claim,” Rohee told reporters. He further noted, “The PNC is reaping political and financial benefits from its association with the criminal underworld.” He also made reference to PNC lawyers defending alleged criminals in the Courts, pro bono.

Meanwhile, when it came down to questions from the media, veteran Journalist, Adam Harris pointed out to Rohee that he [Harris] took photographs of founder of the PPP and former President of Guyana, the Dr Cheddi Jagan and Azad Bacchus, a gunman who was shot and killed.

“…did that suggest that Dr Jagan was involved with criminal elements?” Harris asked.

Rohee folded his arms across his chest and responded: “I am dealing with a case of recent vintage that was current.”

When further pressed on the issue, in a hostile manner, he said, “I am not aware, acquainted nor do I recall that specific example to which you’re referring to.”

When further questioned on the evidence of the allegations made against the PNCR and why it was not provided to the law enforcement authorities, Rohee initially said the evidence will be “provided at some point,” and “at the appropriate time.”

When asked for evidence of a paper trail to back up allegations that the PNCR benefited from criminal elements, Rohee said, “I think it is the PNC to say that is not so. Ask Mr Granger at the next press conference and let him deny it.”

Harris then asked, “Would I be wrong to suggest Sir that you are hurling allegations without evidence, just making bland political statements with the hope that we will carry your statements as they are being made without challenge?”

Rohee responded: “No, no. It’s up to you whether you want to carry my statements or not. The responsibility is not on us to provide the evidence… I have said what I wanted to say on this matter.”

When asked again by a reporter from Stabroek News if he is able to state where he received the information provided at the press conference, the General Secretary noted, “Listen to me, I am going to repeat again, the onus or the burden is not on me to do so. If you want to verify anything that I’ve said, I think the best thing is to go to the APNU and ask Mr Granger.”



  1. MP… i thought it was Linden Blakie coffin PNC draped with the Guyana flag and hive him a hero funeral..PNC had no more uses for fineman n skinny so they had to fire them if you know what I mean…fire them…ok..ha ha

  2. am i wrong really?? this is what you said n your blog:: “I don’t read KN or SN (perhaps I should) so I cannot comment on the objectivity of their journalists or news coverage” now you are saying ” I don’t read KN and SN regularly” so you do read sn n kn ha ha..hey we all do read em all to keep in touch with the home base so dont be too ashamed to be a ppp or pnc..i never vote ever but if i had to vote for one of the two party i would most likely vote ppp over pnc since it appears pnc is bankrupt of money and ideas plus it bankrupted Guyana once so we wont let history repeat itself. this is why you will see me posting in favor of ppp when they deserves it and when they are no i jump all over them ..

  3. Gray you are wrong. I don’t read KN and SN regularly. I don’t subscribe. I don’t their like layout and their print is too small. But you are right I have seen those articles on FaceBook.

    I am just an observer, I am not a supporter of any of the political parties. That way I am free to criticize anyone or to praise anyone.

  4. Christian stop fooling yourself coz u not fooling others:: u do read sn and kn and you know they are nothing but gutter in day out they never get tired accusing pppc ministers of thieving…you enjoy that kind of stop kidding yourself..grab a hold of your life and smell the gutter stench of sn and kn for what it is.. since when journalist views and opinions are the news?? you want facts? then let sn and kn gutter rats bring you the facts when they call pppc minister thieves..thieves that are caught get their day in court…do you not agree??

  5. I don’t read KN or SN (perhaps I should) so I cannot comment on the objectivity of their journalists or news coverage.

    But I will say that Mr Rohee, loses credibility when he appears before the media and disparages the character of others without a shred of evidence. He must prepared to present facts, not fiction, to establish his case.

  6. In my opinion, some media do over and above investigative journalism on most issues pertaining to the PPP/C Government. They are more like a thorn in the flesh!

    I believe they are lenient on Opposition forces. I also blog on Stabroek and many times my blogs were not posted and other opposition blogs of dirt will get posted.

    I believe the Home Affairs is dead right and all who contributed to bring Guyana down will one day have to answer for it.

    If the journalists wants proof, they should do some work and dig deep. They should do everything to bring the story instead of shrugging their shoulders and make plausible excuses.

  7. For Mr. Clement Rohee, the Minister of Home Affairs, to make accusations against Mr. Granger, without offering any tangible evidence, is inexcusable. In his position, he has at his disposal all the resources to gather and present the facts. Yet he comes to a press conference with ghost stories, fabrications, and innuendo.

    And when pressed by the reporter for facts to support his allegations he arrogantly responds, “I don’t have to give any.” How foolish! He should be charged with libel, or defamation of character.

    Then he demands that the newspapers find the evidence to justify his smear campaign. He epitomizes the deep dysfunction within this government.

  8. no no fan of mine but he is dead right on n kn if they want fairness then they must go seek out the victims of these crimes n report accurately on what the victims of these crimes says..again..rohee is right to make the allegations and let any pnc officials come to their favorite press and deny what he bet not one of them coming to the press but you will hear anonymous this one and anonymous that one saying this and that about rohee and pppc…take a poll across the nation and you bet the majority will tell you what rohee said about pnc …bravo and hi 5 to rohee first time ever for me


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